1 thought on “A Month in Review: In the News on Military Justice for All (March 2018)

  1. During my assignment to Andersen Air Base, Guam (March 1987 – Feb 1989) my 7 year old daughter was “molested and sodomized” in the USAF Day Care (operated by the MWR squadron). We are still suffering with the effects of this horror 30 years later. The Base and Support Group Commanders desperately wanted this incident (2 – 3 other little girls were also assaulted) covered up. As a result, at the time we were not offered help or counseling. Recently, the MeToo movement has aggravated my PTSD and my daughter’s symptoms have also been triggered. The government’s sovereign immunity has allowed them to shirk responsibility for not properly hiring and supervising child care employees during the Summer Day Camp/Child Care Program in the summer of 1988. Has this sort of issue (the sexual abuse of children) been addressed through legal channels? How do I draft a FOIA request to uncover the evidence of this event… if that is even possible? Thank you, Cindra (MSgt, retired USAF)

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