Jennifer NorrisMilitary Justice for All honors the sacrifices of all of our service members. Our soldiers due process rights are of the utmost importance whether a victim of crime, the accused, or the guilty. If a justice system can railroad the guilty, then they can railroad the innocent. We do not want a justice system that hands out non judicial punishments for felony crimes nor do we want a justice system that railroads the accused with collateral charges because the prosecutors do not have enough evidence to convict. We want a fair and just process that includes the removal of the Commander and the Chain of Command from the investigation process, an independent, unbiased investigation that searches for the truth and is not an extension of the Commander’s power, and a military justice system that more closely represents that of the civilian justice system. Our soldiers are willing to die for our Constitutional rights and they deserve the protections of those same inalienable rights afforded to every American in this country. The military does in fact have violent crime issues. Justice can be served while still protecting the due process rights of the accused. Jennifer Norris, USAF Ret

23 thoughts on “Mission

  1. I just learned about your organization from the good people over at militarycorruption.com. I’ve bookmarked and am spreading the word, thunderbirds! Thanks! Rich Giddens (Msgt USAF, ret.)

  2. Is this toxic leadership? I made this after a completely inaccurate, garbage LOD threw my brother under the bus. After i finished thr video, I got the CID investigation back which further discredits the LOD. Still waiting on the 15-6, but I am so disappointed at the lack of recourse for the smearing of my brother’s name and character.

    any recommendations would be greatly appreciated

  3. I would love to see if there could be some kind of investigation into the treatment of the inmates at Fort Leavenworth . Does anyone know who to contact about lack of medical treatment that could be life threatening and over medication given causing the medical issues.

  4. Corinne, keep fighting for David’s name. The military and its leadership are regarded as professional, precise, and with accurate records, etc. This is far from the truth in many cases. They are good people like most, but they become overwhelmed, or make mistakes, or are just motivated by self-serving ambition and cave in to pressure from above. Bottom line is that David was thrown under the bus. God bless him, you, and your family.

    • The survivors and families of the USS Liberty have been begging for a real investigation into the attack on their ship since it happened.
      Any government that will side with the attacker of a Naval Ship over the men on that ship is traitorous and should be overthrown.
      The USG has loyalties to a foreign enemy.

  5. Would you consider reviewing the case of 1Lt. Matthew Flores -served in the Army. He had just left the Military in Georgia only a few weeks before he was murdered. His case was featured on Unsolved Mysteries and a few articles were written in Santa Clara, CA. He was shot (by probably a professional) in the parking lot of Applied Materials. https://unsolved.com/gallery/matt-flores/

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    Came across the work you are doing @ Save Our Heroes. Would you have a moment to discuss a fundraising idea I have for aVeterans with PTSD?

    I’m also a veteran.



  7. Wasn’t there a Senate bill to give local law enforcement concurrent jurisdiction? If not, what about one — a federal law?. As it stands, the military has sole jurisdiction until the person is declared AWOL. Then, local law enforcement can look into the disappearance or death. But, as that stands, 30 days are lost in an investigation, especially where there is no body and time is of the essence in any disappearance. Before the 30 days are up, local law enforcement cannot assist in the investigation. I believe there was a bill in the Senate many years ago that went nowhere, but I cannot locate it any longer. Right now, only 4 states have a “Camo” alert. The should be federal.

  8. My name is Danielle Castro and I would like to tell my story of how I was raped in the service. And how I was silenced by my supervisor who was also the advocate for sexual assualt and now I want to tell my story and seek justice if I can.

  9. Mom of a Marine hazed at boot camp in 2019 during the Crucible. He was HANGED as a direct result of a DI’s order. He lived and pushed through. Reported to law enforcement on base, and they found my son’s allegations to be true (August 2020). Told us the decision is now in commands hands. We’re still waiting. My son now has PTSD and severe distrust. How in the hell can we stop this culture of abuse and coverup?

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