Shari Barbour Found Dead in Home; Retired Marine Deon Cartmell Found Guilty of Second Degree Murder, Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison (2010)

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Shari Barbour Cartmell

Shari Barbour Cartmell was found dead in her home in Nashville, Tennessee on March 16, 2010. Her husband, Deon Cartmell, a retired Marine and police officer with the Nashville Police Department, claimed she committed suicide. According to Shari’s family and friends, they had witnessed an escalating series of domestic violence incidences over the course of their three year marriage. Deon and Shari were married in secret in 2007. Deon was described as obsessive and had angry outbursts. He was mostly upset about Shari’s spending habits. Deon attempted to isolate Shari from her family and treated her like a possession. Eventually, Shari learned that he was flirting with other women too. Police suspect that the night she died she told him she was going to leave him after learning about his “extracurricular activities” and he killed her. According to the police who responded to the scene, Leon was in a “disassociative” state when they arrived and appeared to be concerned about himself. On May 28, 2010, after a thorough investigation was completed, Deon Cartmell was charged with second degree murder. The investigation revealed that the forensic evidence at the scene did not match Deon’s version of events. In 2011, he was found guilty of second degree murder and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

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A handsome marine lands the girl of his dreams. But the perils of their long distance love push these newlyweds to the edge. When Shari and Deon’s romance misfires in a tragic accident – the collateral damage is deadly. -Discovery ID

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