Missouri: Local victim of military sexual assault speaks out (2013)

Reports of sexual assault in the military went up 46 percent in 2013, but the problem is not new to the women who answer the call of duty. -41 Action News

“It seemed like sexual trauma in the military back then was unheard of. I was not trying to be the test baby. I wasn’t trying to be the Rosa Parks of that generation.” -Ja-Renna Floyd, US Army Veteran

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Homicide Hunter Premiered ‘Blood Red Highway’ on ID: AWOL Fort Carson Soldier Kills Store Owner Sam Melena for $32 (November 19, 2013)

The elderly owners of a beloved local grocery are brutally attacked and left for dead. Working with little beyond a vague witness description, Lt. Joe Kenda leads a state-wide manhunt to catch a pair of cold-blooded killers before they disappear for good. -Blood Red Highway, Homicide Hunter (S3,E8)

“When people become desperate, it’s very easy to do desperate things.” -Lt. Joe Kenda

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Politico: McCaskill’s ‘lonely’ sex-assault stand (2013)

My Approved PortraitsSen. Claire McCaskill is on the verge of a historic victory reforming the Pentagon’s sexual assault policies.

But rather than basking in acclaim during the debate’s climatic week in the Capitol, the Missouri Democrat finds herself paying a political cost for being an outlier within her own caucus. She’s the only one of the Senate’s 16 Democratic women opposing a much more sweeping change that removes the chain of command from prosecuting sexual assault and other major military crimes.

Read more from Politico here.

“Dear @clairecmc Thanks 4 railroading the Military Justice Improvement Act. Is it true that you have never served a day in your life? #MJIA,” Jennifer Norris, a Maine-based Air Force veteran who works with sexual assault victims…tweeted, referring to Gillibrand’s legislative proposal by its official name. -Politico

Editor’s Note: It appears the original tweet has disappeared and it was never deleted by Jennifer Norris. Also the tweet is not on the web version of the article but is still part of the mobile version of the article.

Narcissists are Character Assassins

After Narcissistic Abuse



Narcissists don’t have a real, true and fixed identity. What’s fixed about their personality is that it is DISORDERED. Who they ARE is a classification in a mental health diagnostic manual. With this wonderful factoid under our belt we can begin to explore why the presence of someone WITH character becomes such an envied, enemied, devalued and discarded being.

A parallel example.

Is anyone here a “horse person”? Or a “motorcycle lover”? For anyone who’s ever been part of a passionate hobby that you identify closely with, there are certain INS AND OUTS to even the label “horse person” that you begin to envision what that label means when hearing it: someone who rides every weekend, probably owns a couple of horses, takes care of them, shows them, brushes them out, you can smell the hay…

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Workplace Bullies: The Attention Seeker


The Attention Seeker is emotionally immature and seeks above all else to be the center of attention. They will keep managers on-side by flattery and sycophantic prostrations. With new employees they will likely come across as extra nice and especially helpful. However, this is a ruse to get you into their web. If you do not prove yourself to be one of their adoring fans they will quickly turn vicious.

Their lives are a drama and they will relate every event to something (often bad) that has happened to them or they are going through to gain sympathy in order to manipulate and control. They are easily offended and will claim that they are the “real” victims if they are called on any of their behavior.

They are generally miserable, easily provoked and expecting of deferential treatment while being demanding of others. If you are just starting a new job you will want to identify this workplace bully and be sure to not share any personal information with them (when they are being sweet and friendly) that they will use against you later.


Workplace Bullies: The Wannabe


The Wannabe can be one of the most petty and spiteful. They crave recognition for being a valued and highly competent worker. But they don’t have the smarts or motivation to put in the real work that it takes to get there. Instead they hate people like you who are competent and professional.

They are controling, manipulative and very insecure. They cling to questionable qualifications while demanding full respect from real professionals in their field. They will attempt to move into positions where they will have some power over others even if only as a committee member, union representative or limited supervisory position.

Because they are so poor at their jobs they are particularly sensitive and will react with aggression if called on their incompetence. Instead of improving their work skills they spend time watching every move of competent workers to find something to complain about or object to. They will demand that things be done their way even though there are better and more efficient ways of accomplishing the same task. (But if they were competent in their fields they would know that.)

Because they are barely functional as it is they will obstruct any changes or improvement to the workflow. When held accountable they will freak out and play the victim.


Workplace Bullies: The Guru


Unlike the Wannabe, the Guru does actually exhibit real competence and may even be considered an expert in their field. The main problems stem from their inablility to deal with others emotionally. They compensate for their emotional immaturity with their intellect. Many of them are very intelligent but emotionally distant.

They may feel that they are superior to others and don’t consider how their decisions will affect other people. They are know-it-alls who don’t recognize the possibilty that they are wrong. Related to this is that they don’t accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

Their cold, analytical approach extends into their environment and they may be unusually neat and orderly. They will generally hold to conservative views but not feel constrained by laws, mores or regulations (those are for others, not them).

This workplace bully lives in their own emotionally barren world where they view themselves as intellectually superior. That is why they are genuinely shocked if ever accused of workplace bullying.


Records agency to ignore Madigan Army Medical Center diagnoses

US Army SealAn Army agency that sets final medical records for disabled soldiers has been ordered to disregard reports from Madigan Army Medical Center doctors under scrutiny last year for their handling of patients with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The new order by an assistant secretary of the Army is meant to clear the way for up to 21 former Madigan patients to receive benefits for mental health conditions. It comes nearly two years after the Army suspended the hospital’s forensic psychiatry team over concerns that its doctors were reversing PTSD diagnoses.

Those former soldiers were among some 400 Madigan patients who were called back to the hospital last year and re-evaluated by Army psychologists. Of that group, 158 left the process with PTSD diagnoses that should have entitled them to better disability benefits.

Some, however, could not persuade the Army to correct their official records. They were blocked by the Army Board for Correction of Military Records, which in some cases upheld the original diagnoses from Madigan’s forensic psychiatrists denying patients benefits for PTSD.

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Sen. Gillibrand’s military sexual assault amendment to be heard

Sen. Gillibrand’s military sexual assault amendment to be heard

WASHINGTON — The showdown over Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s attempt to fundamentally transform the military justice system for sexual assault victims will begin as the Senate takes up the Department of Defense reauthorization bill, expected to happen this week and as soon as Wednesday.

Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said she will offer an amendment to the bill when it is on the Senate floor to strip the decision-making authority to prosecute sexual assault and other crimes from commanders, as it is done now, and turn it over instead to military attorneys.

Read more here. http://www.newsday.com/news/nation/sen-gillibrand-s-military-sexual-assault-amendment-to-be-heard-1.6426208

Military justice overhaul could be limited to rapes, sex assaults

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 2.01.43 PM

Military justice overhaul could be limited to rapes, sex assaults

Supporters of a bipartisan Senate plan to reduce the influence of the military chain of command in crime investigations, prosecutions and sentencings are willing to make a deal to limit their initiative to rape and sexual assault cases if that’s what it takes to get the measure passed.

The Military Justice Improvement Act, introduced in May, has been aimed since its inception at doing something about the low prosecution rate of rape and assault cases.

Don’t read more here because the Marine Corps Times purged it like all of the Military Times media outlets do, in effect erasing history.