Why Have So Many Fort Hood Army Soldiers Died Stateside in the Last Few Months?

US Army

Fort Hood, U.S. Army

  • 21 deaths at Fort Hood since Sept.
  • 17 stateside non combat deaths
  • 4 combat deaths in Afghanistan

I have been working in real time in an effort to collect the information of the soldiers we have lost stateside and overseas for a project I am working on. I started these efforts quite a few years ago but am now just pulling things together by base. Fort Hood has come up in research enough to warrant investigation into a problem with untimely deaths in the form of training accidents, vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, suicide, violent crime, non combat death, insider attacks, and unknown causes of death. I noticed a large spike in soldier death in November 2016 when we learned that four soldiers died stateside at Fort Hood and two died in a suicide bombing on a protected base in Afghanistan at the start of a Veteran Day fun run. Allan Brown eventually succumbed to his injuries from the blast in December 2016. And because I track military crime and suspicious death cases both stateside and overseas, I observe far more death when looking at the big picture.

I kept up with November 2016 and honored the service members we lost that month. Since then, we have lost at least seven more Fort Hood soldiers which is why I created this post. There has been an unusually high cluster of deaths at one base in the last few months. The Army has announced they are going to probe the unusually high death counts but like most things, the report will come back with some canned response to protect the Chain of Command. We want to protect all the soldiers by doing our own probe. After doing a google search ‘Soldier Found Dead Fort Hood’ I learned that 2016 was a tough year for the base in general. I want to acknowledge the families who have lost their loved ones. I want to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of the soldiers who have died. I want to acknowledge the soldiers who were impacted by the untimely deaths of their fellow soldiers. It can’t be easy for a post to lose one soldier, let alone several.

September 2016
9/9: Stacy Hardy, US Army (motorcycle accident occurred while fleeing police)
9/13: Andrew Hunt, US Army (found unresponsive at on-post residence)
9/17: Nathan Berg, US Army (died of gunshot wound off post)

October 2016
10/7: Bradley Acker, US Army (death was self-inflicted at off-post residence)

November 2016
11/3: Dakota Stump, US Army (found dead on post after went missing)
11/10: Daniel Monibe, US Army (died of illness off post)
11/16: Kevin Paulino, US Army (died of gunshot wound in Indiana)
11/18: Korey James, US Army (found dead at off-post residence)
11/26: Wanya Bruns, US Army (died of gunshot wound off-post)

December 2016
12/24: Paige Briles, US Army (found unresponsive at on-post residence)

January 2017
1/1: Kai Yancey, US Army (complications from an illness)
1/2: Randal Anderson, US Army (died of gunshot wound off-post)
1/7: Barron Von Reichelt, US Army (injuries suffered in an auto accident)
1/11: Alex Taylor, US Army (found unresponsive at work)
1/12: Zackary Partin, US Army (found unresponsive at on-post residence)

February 2017
2/5: Stephen Hines, US Army (CID Agent found dead behind building)
2/6: Christie Anderson, US Army (found unresponsive at off-post residence)

Combat Deaths Overseas:
12/6: Allan Brown, US Army (Suicide Bomber, Afghanistan)
11/12: Tyler Iubelt, US Army (Suicide Bomber, Afghanistan)
11/12: John Perry, US Army (Suicide Bomber, Afghanistan)
10/20: Douglas Riney, US Army (Firefight w/ Enemy, Afghanistan)

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