Army Soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas Are Dying at Alarming Rates Stateside (February 13, 2017)


  • 79 deaths at Fort Hood since January 2016
  • 4 insider attacks in Afghanistan
  • 1 non combat death (suicide), Iraq
  • 1 non combat death (suicide), Korea
  • 1 non combat related incident, Iraq
  • 72 stateside non combat deaths
    • 3 homicides off base
    • 17 found dead on post
    • 23 found dead off post
    • 11 died in training accidents
    • 3 died from medical issues
    • 7 died in motorcycle accidents
    • 4 died in automobile accidents
    • 1 died in a swimming accident
    • 1 died unexpectedly out of state
    • 1 declared dead after missing
    • 1 shot self after Killeen PD ‘wellness check’

I have been working in real time in an effort to collect the information of the soldiers we have lost stateside and overseas for a project I am working on. I started these efforts quite a few years ago but am now just pulling things together by base. Fort Hood has come up in research enough to warrant investigation into a problem with untimely deaths in the form of training accidents, vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, suicide, violent crime, non combat death, insider attacks, and unknown causes of death. I noticed a large spike in soldier death in November 2016 when we learned that four soldiers died stateside at Fort Hood and two died in a suicide bombing on a protected base in Afghanistan at the start of a Veteran Day fun run. Allan Brown eventually succumbed to his injuries from the blast in December 2016. And because I track military crime and suspicious death cases both stateside and overseas, I observe far more death when looking at the big picture.

I kept up with November 2016 and honored the service members we lost that month. Since then, we have lost at least seven more Fort Hood soldiers which is why I created this post. There has been an unusually high cluster of deaths at one base in the last year. The Army has announced they are going to probe the unusually high death counts but like most things, the report will come back with some canned response to protect the Chain of Command. We want to protect all the soldiers by doing our own probe. After doing a google search ‘Soldier Found Dead Fort Hood’ I learned that 2016 was a tough year for the base in general. I want to acknowledge the families who have lost their loved ones. I want to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of the soldiers who have died. I want to acknowledge the soldiers who were impacted by the untimely deaths of their fellow soldiers. It can’t be easy for a post to lose one soldier, let alone several. Please help us honor The Fort Hood Fallen on Facebook.

February 2015
Injured Heroes, Broken Promises: Army Launches Investigation Inside Fort Hood’s Warrior Transition Unit

January 2016
1/3: Devin Schuette, 35, US Army (found dead at BLORA near post, ruled suicide)
1/5: Jonathan “Mike” Gilotti, 33, US Army Veteran (homicide victim, Alabama)
1/16: Troy Wayman, 45, US Army (officer found dead, ruled suicide, Nolanville)

March 2016
3/6: Sean Van Der Wal, 25, US Army (fatal auto accident off post)
3/14: Brian Reed, 40, US Army (found dead w/ gunshot wound off post)
3/20: Andrew Poznick, 45, US Army (officer found dead in Pennsylvania)
3/22: Steven Lewis, 33, US Army (died of self-inflicted wound off post)

May 2016
5/1: John Stobbe, 31, US Army (found dead off post)
5/9: Ellsworth Raup, 33, US Army (fatal motorcycle accident off post)
5/23: Marcus Nelson, 45, US Army (died while in custody at local jail)

June 2016
6/2: Christine Armstrong, 27, US Army (died in flood training incident)
6/2: Brandon Banner, 22, US Army (died in flood training incident)
6/2: Miguel Colonvazquez, 38, US Army (died in flood training incident)
6/2: Isaac Deleon, 19, US Army (died in flood training incident)
6/2: Zachery Fuller, 23, US Army (died in flood training incident)
6/2: Eddy Gates, 20, US Army (died in flood training incident)
6/2: Tysheena James, 21, US Army (died in flood training incident)
6/2: Yingming Sun, 25, US Army (died in flood training incident)
6/2: Mitchell Winey, 21, US Military Academy (died in flood training incident)
6/6: Bernardino Guevara Jr., 21, US Army (died of gunshot wound on post)
6/5: Antino Glass, 34, US Army (fatal motorcycle accident)
6/10: Duane Shaw, 34, US Army (found dead off post)
6/11: Dougal Mitchell, 32, US Army (fatal automobile accident off post)

July 2016
7/12: Alexander Johnson, 21, US Army (found dead on post)

August 2016
8/1: Logan Rainwater, 24, US Army (fatal motorcycle accident off post)
8/4: Calvin Aguilar, 32, US Army (found dead off post)
8/19: Dion Servant, 24, US Army (found dead on post)

September 2016
9/9: Stacy Hardy, 20, US Army (fatal motorcycle accident)
9/13: Andrew Hunt, 23, US Army (officer found dead at on post residence)
9/17: Nathan Berg, 20, US Army (died of gunshot wound off post)

October 2016
10/7: Bradley Acker, 25, US Army (death was self-inflicted at off post residence)
10/15: Douglas Bailey, 24, US Army (found dead at off post residence)
10/20: Douglas Riney, 26, US Army (ambushed by lone gunman in Afghanistan Army uniform)

November 2016
11/3: Dakota Stump, 19, US Army (found dead on post after went missing)
11/12: Tyler Iubelt, 20, US Army (suicide Bomber on base, Afghanistan)
11/12: John Perry, 30, US Army (suicide Bomber on base, Afghanistan)
11/10: Daniel Monibe, 32, US Army (died of illness off post)
11/16: Kevin Paulino, 24, US Army (died of self-inflicted gunshot wound in Indiana)
11/18: Korey James, 21, US Army (found unresponsive at off post residence)
11/26: Wanya Bruns, 20, US Army (died of gunshot wound off-post)

December 2016
12/6: Allan Brown, 46, US Army (suicide Bomber on base, Afghanistan)
12/24: Paige Fontenot Briles, 21, US Army (found dead in vehicle at on post housing)

January 2017
1/1: Kai Yancey, 26, US Army (died after complications from short illness)
1/2: Randal Anderson, 22, US Army (died of gunshot wound off-post, Killeen)
1/7: Barron Von Reichelt, 24, US Army (fatal auto accident on South Range Rd)
1/11: Alex Taylor, 23, US Army (found dead at place of duty on post)
1/12: Zackary Partin, 24, US Army (found dead in barracks room on post)

February 2017
2/5: Steven Hines, 29, US Army (CID Agent found dead behind building)
2/6: Christie Anderson, 44, US Army (found dead at off post residence)
2/17: Michael Garcia, 29, US Army (died in vehicle training accident)
2/18: Sean Callahan, 31, US Army (passed away unexpectedly in Iowa)
2/21: Brian Odiorne, 21, US Army (non combat death in Iraq ruled suicide by CID)
2/27: Andre Nance, 34, US Army (found dead on post at Fort Rucker, AL)

March 2017
3/26: Jonathan Garcia, 29, US Army (fatal motorcycle accident)

April 2017
4/7: Daniel Wildeman, 40, US Army (found dead on post in barracks)
4/11: Darius Cooper, 40, US Army (declared dead by board of inquiry after went missing when car swept away in low water crossing)
4/16: David Ananou, 30, US Army (death by apparent drowning at Belton Lake)
4/17: Justin Lewis, 19, US Army (shot to death in Killeen, unsolved homicide)

May 2017
5/5: Travis Granger, 29, US Army Veteran (gunshot wound, ruled homicide)
5/14: Jon Bullard, 40, US Army (found unresponsive at off post residence in Temple, died next day)

June 2017
6/15: Devon Tucker, 21, US Army (found unresponsive at off post residence in Copperas Cove)

July 2017
7/3: Anthony Lovell, 40, US Army (multiple blunt force injuries, death ruled motorcycle accident by Killeen PD & Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences)
7/11: Justen Ogden, 22, US Army (found unresponsive at on post home)
7/14: James Smith, 24, US Army (fatal motorcycle accident off post, under investigation)
7/26: Deangelo Mathis, 22, US Army (found unresponsive in Georgia)

August 2017
8/2: Zachary Moore, 23, US Army (found unresponsive in barracks room, S. Korea)

September 2017
9/12: Sean Devoy, 28, US Army (died in fall during helicopter hoist training at Fort Hood)

October 2017
10/5: Derrick Walker, 40, US Army (died of a long-term illness)
10/12: Alva Gwinn, 39, US Army (shot self after ‘wellness check’ & high speed pursuit with Killeen PD; faced November 2017 civilian trial for sex abuse)
10/12: Angel BenitezQuinones, 32, US Army (found unresponsive on post, under investigation)
10/14: Sameer Chalise, 28, US Army (died due to injuries while swimming with friends)
10/14: John Hatfield, 27, US Army (died of a gunshot wound off-post in Killeen)
10/18: Luke Toomey, 21, US Army (found unresponsive at off-post residence in Copperas Cove)

January 2018
1/6: Mark Boner, 43, Army National Guard (Army: ‘It’s unclear at this time what led to his death’)
1/8: Javion Sullivan, 24, US Army (non-combat related incident, Iraq)
1/18: Tyler Compton, 21, US Army (found unresponsive at off-post residence in Harker Heights)

March 2018
3/1: Colton Vassar, 29, US Army (found unresponsive at on-post residence)
3/3: Devon Wulff, 23, US Army (found unresponsive at on-post residence)

April 2018
4/6: Samson Johnson, 20, US Army (died in Killeen, under investigation)

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45 thoughts on “Army Soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas Are Dying at Alarming Rates Stateside (February 13, 2017)

  1. I’m the father of seargent alex Taylor. We have just received the final report from the army. They are ruling it a suicide. I know he would not have done that. I am at a loss for what to do now. I was hoping to find someone with experience in this.

      • Did they have anything in common? Did any training programs changed during that year? Were all of them deployed to the same area overseas? Did they report to the same unit? Did they hold a similar religion or political view? It never hurts to check all facts.

    • Whatever to do Mr.Taylor, DO NOT GO AWAY!! Work with the people who will help you and keep searching until you get the answers you are satisfied with. You must be the voice for you son.

    • My prayers go out to you and your family. I hope you can find justice somehow. My son is stationed at Ft Hood and I’m shocked at what I’m learning.

    • So sorry for your loss! I have no words but feel you do and lots of other parents do too. So I created a FB page for parents. It’s time to put all these parents together to try to figure out what’s going on. I’m hoping some good come from Surviving Parents of Fallen Soldiers. Your voices have power in numbers. Prayers for you & all families going through this.

    • Write to you local Senator (hopefully someone with military background or family) I am Dakota Stumps mother… feel free to reach out to me. Really dissect that report.

    • My son was one of the Fort Hood shooting victims. The Army forgot about him. They left people behind. SSG Joshua Berry is not listed among the killed or wounded. He didn’t exist. Josh committed suicide in 2013. Leadership at Hood punted these people. Army Wrong not Army Strong.

  2. Thank you for doing your research… my husband was one of the nine soldiers who died in the flooding accidents. In my husband’s case, it was due to poor leadership that cause his and the soldier’s death.

  3. Thank you for your efforts as I hope someone will listen soon! I am Dakota Stumps mom and would be happy to speak with you concerning the incompetence during the investigation in at least my sons… hopefully other parents will start questioning and want to speak out on the Army’s inconsistencies! I worry for them all…

    • Patrice, I agree, we should start questioning and speak out on the Army’s inconsistencies.
      I still feel that this is just an terrible dream. And every Sunday ( my son would call) that it isn’t a dream at all.
      Patrice you shared,
      ” Now that their investigation is complete, would love help on making change for the next soldier. All these may not be passed but gives us a mold to start the shape of changes in our laws designed to protect our precious guys and gals who sacrifice all for us… The true heroes!”
      “I can only say that half of my soul is gone. It’s just gone. I don’t think there are words for a parent that has lost a child, I think you feel like you’re dead yourself,” said Patrice Wise, his mother.
      “I’m very angry, and I know I’m going to go through a lot of emotions but this anger isn’t going to go away unless I get answers,” said Wise.
      “I always told Dakota he was going to do something really, really great in life,” Wise said. “I didn’t know that it was going to be to turn out like this.”
      Dakota will always be remembered.
      Like · Reply · April 23, 2017 8

  4. Simple enough answer, between incompetent leaders, the drugs, the gang bangers, poor units, ghetto neighborhoods, poor quality soldiers, and just being in Texas, this place is where souls go to die… Hood kills you on the inside. The outside follows shortly afterwards..

  5. My thoughts and prayers go out out to all. My son is there now. Not a day goes by that I don’t worry about him. I just pray that god watch’s over him for me.

  6. What the Hell is going on at Hood???? I worked right across the street from where the November 12 attack happened in Afghanistan. It was a bad day for the whole compound. I hope that there is some type of clarity sooner or later.

  7. I am Steven K. Hines mother and proud to be. I know my son worked on many of the cases, before his death. His investigation, just as many others, are being worked on by other Fort C.I.D. agents.
    Just as Jeff Taylor, said about his son Alex Taylor ” I know he would not have done that.”
    We are the Surviving Parents of Fallen Soldiers. We are not widows, widowers, or orphans.
    Our children were taken much to soon.
    The army does not like to use the word ” suicide “, they would prefer ” self inflicted wound “.
    The day my son died, Feb 5, 2017 ( Super-Bowl Sunday ), a part of myself died also, as so many others.
    Thank You Jennifer Norris, for putting this link together, may all of us find comport and support from each other.
    ” No person will be left behind “.

  8. Really eye opening report. Question is:
    Why haven’t there been any public media acknowledgement to the incidents?
    In June there was 9, yes 9, deaths due to
    JEEZ, anybody else wondering what the Sam Hill is going on there.
    One incident invoved a CIA agent MURDERED on base. What is up with THAT?
    Think it’s time those in charge need to step up
    And get this Under CONTROL.
    The PUBLIC and service families need answers.
    Quit sweeping this under the rug.
    Top dog needs to ANSWER, explain them to a special congressional meeting (publicly​)

    • Kathy, I concur, even though my son’s death certificate says ” suicide ” ( army prefers to say self inflicted wounds ) I feel that my son was MURDERED on base. And the icing on the cake is the family is blaming me, saying that if I was a ” good Mom ” that none of this would have happen.
      The day I held that piece of paper was very difficult, but yet I thought this was just a terrible joke.
      As parents, we never should have to see a document as such.
      I have had 2 family members serve our country, brother, and cousin, both Marines, yet both returned home.
      Oh, if I could have been a piece of lint in his pocket that day, I would know more, seen more and believed more.

      • I agree with you I worked with your son on Many cases he took his work very serious and always had a great attitude while doing so I’m very sorry for your loss

  9. To Whom it May Concern
    I have a question..
    How many of these soldiers were deployed to Afghanistan ?
    How long after they returned did their deaths occur ?

  10. Something has to be done about the number of deaths as there are way too many deaths at this base. Our Soldiers need to be protected at all costs.. both stateside and abroad. They dedicate their lives and sacrifice so much for our country, deaths by accidents while training, etc., have got to stop. Someone needs to be accountable for this!!!

  11. Thank you Gunny,
    My wife and I lived there 2007 – 2012 I was deployed to Iraq as a contractor after being medically retired from Army we were there during the Husain terrorist attack I love Killeen only reason we moved back to FL was to be near my boys and wife’s family God bless you for following this tragic trend I love my troops my son is a UH-60 M pilot he just lost his crew chief last Monday in the crash in Maryland we are raising $$$ on a go fund me page “The crew of PAT 04” how do you help the familes please let me know I work with a few organizations that help families of our fallen soldiers SSG Jack Slingerland Ret DAV @ God Bless Our Troops

  12. Pingback: What is happening at our military bases – 'Nox & Friends

  13. I am Dakota Stump’s mom, I will never believe these are all suicide or accident or whatever the next label they have for the next victim. I appreciate you keeping up with the deaths and honoring these soldiers… hope you plan to do an article on what all the families feel happened… we know our children.

  14. I am not a Ft. Hood mom although I feel your pain I am having the same issues at the post my son is currently stationed at state side I won’t mention because we are having enough of the same problems there also so know it is not just happing at Ft. Hood it is on a lot of our posts and it’s not right and I agree something needs to be done and the Army needs to give us some answers as to what the He** is going on with our soldiers.

  15. Mi nombre es Zayda Quiñones, soy la madre de Ángel Benítez Quiñones, el murió el 12 de octubre 2017. Aparentemente se suicidó, fue encontrado dentro de su vehículo, en lago Nolan. Alegadamente no habían huellas en su auto, el arma no era de el. Mi hijo estuvo desaparecido dos días , no informaron a ningún familiar, desconozco que gestiones realizo el ejército para intentar encontrarlo… Tengo muchas preguntas y muy pocas respuestas

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