Army Soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas Are Dying at Alarming Rates Stateside (January 1, 2016 to Present)

Graphic courtesy of KWTX on Facebook (September 1, 2020)

In the last 5 years from January 2016 to present, Fort Hood on average lost 33 soldiers a year. If you divide 33 by 12 months, that’s an average of 3 soldiers a month. We must find out WHY so we can prevent these untimely deaths and save the precious lives and futures of these mostly young soldiers. The average age at time of death is 28 years old and each death has a ripple effect on the families, friends, and communities left behind. Help us hold leadership accountable by joining us at Military Justice for All on Facebook, IG, & Twitter (@Military_Crime).

“Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.” -General Colin Powell

Fort Hood, Texas (U.S. Army)

  • Stars and Stripes Official Count: 167 total deaths
  • 157 deaths at Fort Hood since January 2016
  • 12 overseas deaths
    • 4 insider attacks (Afghanistan)
    • 2 combat deaths (Afghanistan-1; Iraq-1)
    • 5 non combat deaths (Afghanistan-2; Iraq-3)
    • 1 overseas death (suicide), Korea
  • 145 stateside deaths
    • 1 homicide on post (Vanessa Guillen)
    • 15 homicides off post (5 unsolved)
    • 24 deaths ruled suicide
    • 33 found dead on post
    • 16 found dead off post
    • 18 died in training accidents
    • 10 died in motorcycle accidents
    • 9 died in automobile accidents
    • 10 died from medical issues
    • 6 died in swimming/boating accidents
    • 1 died in pre-trial confinement at local jail
    • 1 declared dead after missing for 2 months
    • 1 veteran found dead at BLORA, Ft. Hood
    • 1 accidental gunshot wound to the head

We have been working in real time to collect the information about the soldiers we have lost stateside and overseas. We started these efforts a few years ago. Fort Hood has come up enough in on-line research to warrant investigations into a recurring problem with untimely deaths in the form of training accidents, vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, suicide, violent crime, non combat death, insider attacks, and unknown causes of death. We noticed a large spike in soldier death in November 2016 when we learned that four soldiers died stateside at Fort Hood and two died in a suicide bombing on a protected base in Afghanistan at the start of a Veteran’s Day “fun run.” Allan Brown eventually succumbed to his injuries from the blast in December 2016. And because we track military crime and suspicious death cases both stateside and overseas, we observe far more untimely death when looking at the big picture.

Since November 2016, we have lost many more Fort Hood soldiers which is why we created this post. There has been an unusually high cluster of deaths at one base in the last few years. The Army announced they were going to probe the unusually high death counts but like most things, the report will come back with some canned response to protect the Chain of Command. Therefore, we are doing our own probe because we care and we want to find ways to learn from the past in an effort to save lives. After doing a google search ‘Soldier Found Dead Fort Hood’ we learned that 2016 was a tough year for the post and surrounding area in general. We want to acknowledge the families who have lost their loved ones. We want to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of the soldiers who have died. And, we want to acknowledge the soldiers who were impacted by the untimely deaths of their fellow comrades. It can’t be easy for a post to lose one soldier, let alone over one hundred in three years. Join us on Military Justice for all on Facebook and help us honor them and their friends and families by never forgetting.

Update (January 26, 2019):

There are no words right now for how incredibly sad it is for us to post this today. We not only care about these soldiers (and veterans) who have passed at Fort Hood but we care deeply for the families, friends and troops left behind. We share this with you so you will understand the magnitude of the issues we have with untimely stateside deaths in an effort to honor those who have passed and learn from it so we can find ways to prevent it from happening to others.

We are especially disappointed with Fort Hood leadership who made the decision to stop providing the public with press releases notifying us of the death of a soldier in March 2018. A friend and military spouse whose been working on this project gently reminded all of us, it actually does a disservice to the families who need the community’s support and love at one of the most difficult times in their lives. Ultimately, it should be up to the families to make that decision and it comes at a time when we are laser focused on III Corps and Fort Hood, because we care.

Military Policy and Legislation Considerations for the Investigations of Non Combat Death, Homicide, and Suicide of US Service Members (October 21, 2016)

15 Active Duty Cases That Beg for Prevention Efforts, Military Justice Reform, and the End of the Feres Doctrine

Fort Hood Army Staff Sgt. Paul Norris Fatally Shot Spc. Kamisha Block in Murder-Suicide in Iraq in 2007; Family Requests Congressional Hearings & Investigation of Military Leadership (2020)

Navy Sailor Brandon Caserta Died by Suicide at Naval Station Norfolk in 2018; Family Pushing for Suicide Prevention Legislation ‘The Brandon Act’ Focusing on Hazing & Bullying (2020)

Military Murder Podcast Featured the Homicide of Fort Hood Army Spc. Kamisha Block in Iraq; Friendly Fire or Military Cover-Up? (July 13, 2020)


February 2015
Injured Heroes, Broken Promises: Army Launches Investigation Inside Fort Hood’s Warrior Transition Unit

*cod unknown = cause of death unknown
**BLORA = Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area

January 2016
1/3: Devin Schuette, 35, U.S. Army (found dead at BLORA near post, death ruled suicide, family wants independent investigation, suspicious death)
1/5: Jonathan “Mike” Gilotti, 33, U.S. Army Veteran (homicide victim, Alabama)
1/16: Troy Wayman, 45, U.S. Army (officer found dead, ruled suicide, Nolanville)

March 2016
3/6: Sean Van Der Wal, 25, U.S. Army (fatal auto accident off post, manslaughter)
3/14: Brian Reed, 40, U.S. Army (found dead w/ gunshot wound off post)
3/20: Andrew Poznick, 45, U.S. Army (officer found dead in Pennsylvania)
3/22: Steven Lewis, 33, U.S. Army (died of self-inflicted wound off post)

May 2016
5/1: John Stobbe, 31, U.S. Army (found dead off post, cause of death unknown)
5/9: Ellsworth Raup, 33, U.S. Army (fatal motorcycle accident off post)
5/23: Marcus Nelson, 45, U.S. Army (died while in pre-trial confinement at local jail, suspicious death)

June 2016
6/2: Christine Armstrong, 27, U.S. Army (died in flood water training incident on post)
6/2: Brandon Banner, 22, U.S. Army (died in flood water training incident on post)
6/2: Miguel Colonvazquez, 38, U.S. Army (died in flood water training incident on post)
6/2: Isaac Deleon, 19, U.S. Army (died in flood water training incident on post)
6/2: Zachery Fuller, 23, U.S. Army (died in flood water training incident on post)
6/2: Eddy Gates, 20, U.S. Army (died in flood water training incident on post)
6/2: Tysheena James, 21, U.S. Army (died in flood water training incident on post)
6/2: Yingming Sun, 25, U.S. Army (died in flood water training incident on post)
6/2: Mitchell Winey, 21, U.S. Military Academy (died in flood water training incident on post)
6/5: Antino Glass, 34, U.S. Army (fatal motorcycle accident on post)
6/6: Bernardino Guevara Jr., 21, U.S. Army (died of gunshot wound on post)
6/8: Duane Shaw, 34, U.S. Army (found dead in off post home in Killeen)
6/11: Dougal Mitchell, 32, U.S. Army (fatal automobile accident off post)

July 2016
7/12: Alexander Johnson, 21, U.S. Army (found dead at BLORA near post, cod unknown)

August 2016
8/1: Logan Rainwater, 24, U.S. Army (fatal motorcycle accident off post, Killeen)
8/4: Calvin Aguilar, 32, U.S. Army (found dead off post, cod unknown)
8/19: Dion Servant, 24, U.S. Army (found dead on post, cod unknown)

September 2016
9/10: Stacy Hardy, 20, U.S. Army (died of injuries sustained after a high-speed motorcycle crash while fleeing from the the Killeen Police Department)
9/13: Andrew Hunt, 23, U.S. Army (officer found dead at on post residence, cod unknown)
9/17: Nathan Berg, 20, U.S. Army (died of gunshot wound off post)

October 2016
10/7: Bradley Acker, 25, U.S. Army (death was self-inflicted at off post residence)
10/15: Douglas Bailey, 24, U.S. Army (found dead at on post residence, cod unknown)
10/19: Douglas Riney, 26, U.S. Army (ambushed by lone gunman in Afghanistan Army uniform)

November 2016
11/3: Dakota Stump, 19, U.S. Army (found dead on post 3 weeks after went missing, cod single vehicle accident, suspicious death, family wants ‘Missing Warrior Alert’ law)
11/10: Daniel Monibe, 32, U.S. Army (died of medical illness off post)
11/12: Tyler Iubelt, 20, U.S. Army (suicide Bomber on base, Afghanistan)
11/12: John Perry, 30, U.S. Army (suicide Bomber on base, Afghanistan)
11/16: Kevin Paulino, 24, U.S. Army (died of self-inflicted gunshot wound in Indiana)
11/18: Korey James, 21, U.S. Army (found unresponsive in off post home, cod unknown)
11/26: Wanya Bruns, 20, U.S. Army (died of gunshot wound off-post)

December 2016
12/6: Allan Brown, 46, U.S. Army (suicide Bomber on base, Afghanistan)
12/24: Paige Fontenot Briles, 21, U.S. Army (found dead in vehicle at on post family housing, suspicious death, family wants case investigated as a homicide)

Never Forgotten: The Fort Hood Fallen (2016)

January 2017
1/1: Kai Yancey, 26, U.S. Army (died after complications from short illness)
1/2: Randal Anderson, 22, U.S. Army (died of gunshot wound off-post, Killeen)
1/7: Barron Von Reichelt, 24, U.S. Army (fatal auto accident on South Range Rd on post)
1/11: Alex Taylor, 23, U.S. Army (death ruled suicide, found dead at place of duty on post)
1/12: Zackary Partin, 24, U.S. Army (found dead in barracks room on post, cod unknown)

February 2017
2/5: Steven Hines, 29, U.S. Army (death ruled suicide, CID Agent found dead at place of duty on post after media exposes bizarre cluster of suicides & accidents on post)
2/6: Christie Anderson, 44, U.S. Army (found dead at off post residence, cod unknown)
2/17: Michael Garcia, 29, U.S. Army (died in vehicle training accident at Fort Irwin NTC)
2/18: Sean Callahan, 31, U.S. Army (passed away unexpectedly in Iowa, unsolved homicide)
2/21: Brian Odiorne, 21, U.S. Army (non combat death in Iraq, death ruled suicide by CID)
2/27: Andre Nance, 34, U.S. Army (found dead on post at Fort Rucker, AL, cod unknown)

March 2017
3/26: Jonathan Garcia, 29, U.S. Army (fatal motorcycle accident off post, Harker Heights)

April 2017
4/7: Daniel Wildeman, 40, U.S. Army (found dead on post in barracks, cod unknown)
4/11: Darius Cooper, 40, U.S. Army (declared dead by board of inquiry after missing for two months, vehicle swept away in low water crossing on post)
4/16: David Ananou, 30, U.S. Army (death by apparent drowning at Belton Lake)
4/17: Justin Lewis, 19, U.S. Army (fatally shot near vacant lot in Killeen neighborhood, unsolved homicide)

May 2017
5/5: Travis Granger, 29, U.S. Army Veteran (fatal gunshot wound, ruled homicide)
5/14: Jon Bullard, 40, U.S. Army (found unresponsive at off post residence in Temple, died next day)

June 2017
6/15: Devon Tucker, 21, U.S. Army (found unresponsive at off post residence in Copperas Cove)

July 2017
7/3: Anthony Lovell, 40, U.S. Army (multiple blunt force injuries, death ruled motorcycle accident by Killeen PD & Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences)
7/11: Justen Ogden, 22, U.S. Army (death ruled suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound, found at on post home, family claims circumstances surrounding death don’t add up, suspicious death)
7/14: James Smith, 24, U.S. Army (fatal motorcycle accident off post, under investigation)
7/26: Deangelo Mathis, 22, U.S. Army (found unresponsive in Sly County, Georgia)

August 2017
8/2: Zachary Moore, 23, U.S. Army (death ruled suicide in S. Korea, an investigation revealed the Army was not able to get qualified medical help in a timely fashion)

September 2017
9/12: Sean Devoy, 28, U.S. Army (died in fall during helicopter hoist training at Fort Hood)

October 2017
10/5: Derrick Walker, 40, U.S. Army (died of a long-term illness)
10/7: Michael Wolfe, 33, U.S. Army (passed away unexpectedly in Arizona)
10/12: Alva Gwinn, 39, U.S. Army (shot self after ‘wellness check’ & high speed pursuit with Killeen PD)
10/12: Angel BenitezQuinones, 32, U.S. Army (found unresponsive on post)
10/14: Sameer Chalise, 28, U.S. Army (died due to injuries while swimming with friends)
10/14: John Hatfield, 27, U.S. Army (died of a gunshot wound off-post in Killeen)
10/18: Luke Toomey, 21, U.S. Army (found unresponsive at off-post residence in Copperas Cove)

Washington D.C. Veteran’s Presentation on the Current Status of Forces at Fort Hood in Texas (December 12, 2017) 

January 2018
1/6: Mark Boner, 43, Indiana Army National Guard (Army: ‘It’s unclear at this time what led to his death’)
1/8: Javion Sullivan, 24, U.S. Army (non-combat related incident, Iraq)
1/18: Tyler Compton, 21, U.S. Army (found unresponsive at off-post residence in Harker Heights)

February 2018
2/5: Tyler Gabriel, 22, U.S. Army veteran (medical, lost his battle with addiction)
2/6: John Funderburk Jr., 24, U.S. Army (medical, died from a terminal illness in Irving)

March 2018
3/1: Colton Vassar, 29, U.S. Army (found unresponsive at on-post residence)
3/3: Devon Wulff, 23, U.S. Army (found unresponsive at on-post residence)
3/26: Aigner Certaine, 24, U.S. Army (found unresponsive at off-post residence, Killeen)
3/30: Cameron Macias, 21, U.S. Army (unknown, passed away while stationed at Fort Hood)


April 2018
4/6: Samson Johnson, 20, U.S. Army (passed away while stationed at Fort Hood, cod unknown)

May 2018
5/3: Dismas Dillree, 54, U.S. Army (medical, cancer)
5/27: Brian Slawson, 40, U.S. Army (passed away while stationed at Fort Hood, cod unknown)

June 2018
6/29: Kevin M. Brown, 38, U.S. Army (passed away unexpectedly while stationed at Fort Hood, cod unknown)

July 2018
7/30: Timothy Jurgens, 19, U.S. Army (died by suicide according to the family)

August 2018
8/4: Cleveland Lewis, 33, U.S. Army veteran (fatally shot in front of home in Killeen, Texas neighborhood, unsolved homicide)

September 2018
9/2: Lewis Davies, 20, U.S. Army (died in car accident in Georgetown, Pfc. Anthony Brown Jr. charged with intoxication manslaughter, disposition of case is unknown)
9/11: Richard Ramirez, 36, U.S. Army (unknown, passed away while stationed at Fort Hood)
9/15: Jason Decker, 23, U.S. Army (medical, passed away while stationed at Fort Hood)
9/17: Jose Lamas, U.S. Army (unknown, passed away while stationed at Fort Hood)
9/17: Michael Vanlandingham, 30, U.S. Army veteran (shot & killed in Copperas Cove, Dana Francis Walcott, Jr & Owen Thomas Free III guilty of capital murder, drug related)
9/20: Albert Christian, 38, U.S. Army (unknown, passed away while stationed at Fort Hood)
9/25: Justin Justice, 36, U.S. Army (unknown, passed away while stationed at Fort Hood)

October 2018
10/13: Abhiraj Singh, 22, U.S. Army (unknown, passed away while stationed at Fort Hood)
10/14: Jose Ayabarreno, 43, U.S. Army (unknown, passed away in San Antonio, Texas)

November 2018
11/8: Jacob Casebolt, 21, U.S. Army (died in tactical vehicle rollover accident at Fort Hood)
11/20: Craig Noble, 51, U.S. Navy veteran (civilian found dead in vicinity of BLORA, Fort Hood)

December 2018
12/14: Terrell Coleman, 25, U.S. Army (passed away at medical center in Temple, Texas)
12/26: Kameryn Lopez, 21, U.S. Army (died by suicide according to the family)

January 2019
1/12: Cody Wilshusen, 25, U.S. Army (died in a fatal auto accident in New Mexico)
1/13: Andrew Ortega, 32, U.S. Army (died in training accident at Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany)
1/14: Octavious Lakes, Jr, 22, U.S. Army (died in a tactical vehicle accident at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California)
1/22: Kelton Sphaler, 25, U.S. Army (died in an apparent boating accident at BLORA)

February 2019
2/5: Scott Weinhold, 25, U.S. Army veteran (died in an apparent boating accident at BLORA)
2/6: Caden Shunk, 21, U.S. Army (died in motorcycle crash trying to elude Killeen PD)
2/15: Cassandra Perez, 19, U.S. Army (struck & killed while standing outside her stalled vehicle in Edinburg, Texas, alleged drunk driver Edward Magallan officially charged w/ manslaughter)
2/23: James Hawley, U.S. Army (passed away according to Fort Hood Fallen, official date & cause of death unknown)

March 2019
3/12: Max Whitwell, 23, U.S. Army (found unresponsive & pronounced dead at Darnall Army Medical Center)
3/29: Erica Atkinson, 35, U.S. Army (found dead in parking lot on post, official cause of death unknown)
3/31: Nathan Ellard, 20, U.S. Army (both drivers died in a head-on vehicle crash in Hearne, Texas after Ellard crossed the center line)

April 2019
4/24: Tylor Hubert, 24, U.S. Army (died by suicide according to the family)

May 2019
5/1: Benjamin Hunt, 35, US Army (passed away, official location & cause of death unknown)
5/11: Tyler Groves, 21, U.S. Army (died in a single vehicle accident near Nolan Creek in Nolanville)
5/18: Ryan Brandon, 24, U.S. Army (died after motorcycle collided into the rear of a parked pickup truck in Harker Heights)

June 2019
6/25: James Johnston, 24, U.S. Army (died of wounds sustained from small arms fire while engaged in combat operations, Afghanistan)

July 2019
7/6: Edwin Brown Jr., 22, U.S. Army (died in a motorcycle accident, Killeen)
7/21: Virgil Robinson, 26, U.S. Army (drowned after falling from a float at Temple Lake Park on Lake Belton)
7/29: Colton Drye, 22, U.S. Air Force (car crash on highway near Walcott, Iowa)

August 2019
8/13: Corry Willis, 31, U.S. Army Veteran (according to obituary, fought a brave battle against PTSD, Killeen)
8/15: Andrew St. John, 29, Indiana Army National Guard (died in a military training accident at Fort Hood, humvee rollover)
8/19: Gregory Wedel-Morales, 23, U.S. Army (anonymous tip led to the location of a body in a shallow grave in Killeen after CID offered $25,000 reward, unsolved homicide)

September 2019
9/5: Mason Webber, 22, U.S. Army (died of injuries sustained conducting maintenance)
9/19: Jose Antonio Pabon Jr., 37, U.S. Army (passed away, Killeen, cause of death unknown)

October 2019
10/22: Rodney Hagan, 32, U.S. Army (suicide was likely the cause of death)

November 2019
11/4: Anthony Gowler, 31, U.S. Army (official cause of death is unknown)
11/6: Nicholas Panipinto, 20, U.S. Army (died of injuries sustained in roll-over, Korea)
11/20: Logan Castello, 21, U.S. Army (death ruled suicide according to family)
11/20: Kirk Fuchigami Jr., 25, U.S. Army (died in a helicopter crash, Afghanistan)
11/20: David Knadle, 33, U.S. Army (died in a helicopter crash, Afghanistan)

“There have been 23 deaths this year among the post’s 36,500 soldiers, Fort Hood officials told CNN in a statement. According to officials, the deaths include seven off-duty accidents; seven suicides; one combat-related death; four homicides, one of which was on the base; two of natural causes; one that was undetermined pending an autopsy; and one drowning.” Here’s what we know about eight of the soldiers who have died this year at Fort Hood (CNN, July 25, 2020)

February 2020
2/1: Eric Hogan, 19, U.S. Army (died after car accident, Highway 195 in Williamson County)
2/1: Anthony Peak Jr., 21, U.S. Army (died after car accident, Highway 195 in Williamson County)

March 2020
3/1: Shelby Tyler Jones, 20, U.S. Army (gunshot wound, Killeen, unsolved homicide)
3/5: Christopher Sawyer, 29, U.S. Army (found unresponsive at on-post residence)
3/5: Raul Torrez, 24, U.S. Army (passed away while stationed at Fort Hood, Texas)
3/11: Juan Covarrubias, 27, U.S. Army (died when engaged by enemy indirect fire, Iraq)
3/14: Shaquan Allred, 23, U.S. Army veteran (gunshot wounds, Killeen, Barnard Morrow arrested August 28 in Newton, Mississippi; Fort Hood soldier sold handgun to suspect)
3/14: Freddy Delacruz Jr., 23, U.S. Army (gunshot wounds, Killeen, Barnard Morrow arrested August 28 in Newton, Mississippi; Fort Hood soldier sold handgun to suspect)
3/20: Brandon Brown, 34, U.S. Army Veteran (Harker Heights PD ruled death as suicide by self inflicted gunshot wound, family seeks answers regarding death investigation)
3/23: Michael Wardrobe, 22, U.S. Army veteran (homicide, Spc. Jovino Roy charged)
3/25: Victor D’Onofrio, 22, U.S. Army (died at Fort Hood, cause of death unknown)
3/30: John David Randolph Hilty, 44, U.S. Army (died of a non-combat related incident, Iraq)

April 2020
4/22: Vanessa Guillen, 20, U.S. Army (missing persons case; remains found on June 30th; according to accomplice Cecily Aguilar, Vanessa was murdered at work on post by co-worker Aaron Robinson; allegedly Vanessa had knowledge that now deceased Robinson was having an affair with Aguilar who was married; he allegedly killed her to silence her and protect his career)
4/29: Joshua Barnwell, 19, U.S. Army (accidentally shot in the head according to Open Arms Mission on Facebook, later died at the hospital while in ICU)

May 2020
5/18: Brandon Rosecrans, 27, U.S. Army (gunshot wound, Harker Heights, Brandon Olivares was charged with murder, Estrellita “Star” Falcon charged with using Rosecrans’s Jeep and hindering prosecution)
5/26: Richard Harrington, Jr., 45, U.S. Army (passed away while stationed at Fort Hood)

July 2020
7/1: Aaron Robinson, U.S. Army (allegedly died by suicide once he discovered he was a suspect in the murder of Vanessa Guillen, affidavit)
7/2:  Miguel Yazzie, 33, U.S. Army (according to media, death is reportedly under investigation)
7/17: Mejhor Morta, 26, U.S. Army (found unresponsive at the base of Stillhouse Hollow Lake Dam in Belton, media reports indicate tentative cause of death is drowning, family believes foul play is suspected)

August 2020
8/2: Francisco Hernandezvargas, 24, U.S. Army (allegedly died in a boating incident on Stillhouse Hollow Lake in Belton, a Fort Hood press release said his body has been recovered, under investigation by local authorities)
8/12: Cole Jakob Aton, 22, U.S. Army (struck by a vehicle during an accident on Interstate Highway 14 near the Willow Springs Road overpass, Killeen)
8/13: Bradley Moore, 36, Texas Army National Guard (died during land navigation training at Fort Hood, cause of death unknown, under investigation)
8/25: Elder Fernandes, 23, U.S. Army (found hanging from tree in Temple after reporting sexual assault, reported being hazed and bullied, mental health issues, death ruled suicide)

Stars and Stripes: Why Is Fort Hood the Army’s Most Crime-Ridden Post? (August 21, 2020)

“In the last five years, 165 soldiers assigned to Fort Hood have died, according to the Fort Hood Public Affairs Office, which regularly released information on soldiers’ death until a 2018 decision to stop the practice. The post was an outlier in this level of transparency.

In those years, seven soldiers died by homicide, while six died in a combat zone. The deaths of 70 soldiers were ruled suicides, and on- and off-base accidents resulted in the deaths of 60 soldiers.”

September 2020
9/2: Pvt. Corlton Chee, U.S. Army (according to Fort Hood, he passed away after collapsing following physical training on Aug. 28; family believes murder & wants investigation)

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Gillibrand: The Military Justice Improvement Act Would Give Service Members a Justice System That Works (July 1, 2019)
Congressman Seth Moulton Introduces The Brandon Act to Change DoD Mental Health Policy, Pay Tribute to Fallen Navy Sailor Brandon Caserta (June 25, 2020)
House Armed Services Committee Congressional Investigation of Fort Hood: Research Reveals Pattern of Suspicious Deaths and Cover-up (September 11, 2020)
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Fort Hood training accidents will be part of GAO investigation
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88 thoughts on “Army Soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas Are Dying at Alarming Rates Stateside (January 1, 2016 to Present)

  1. I’m the father of seargent alex Taylor. We have just received the final report from the army. They are ruling it a suicide. I know he would not have done that. I am at a loss for what to do now. I was hoping to find someone with experience in this.

    • Whatever to do Mr.Taylor, DO NOT GO AWAY!! Work with the people who will help you and keep searching until you get the answers you are satisfied with. You must be the voice for you son.

    • My prayers go out to you and your family. I hope you can find justice somehow. My son is stationed at Ft Hood and I’m shocked at what I’m learning.

    • So sorry for your loss! I have no words but feel you do and lots of other parents do too. So I created a FB page for parents. It’s time to put all these parents together to try to figure out what’s going on. I’m hoping some good come from Surviving Parents of Fallen Soldiers. Your voices have power in numbers. Prayers for you & all families going through this.

    • Write to you local Senator (hopefully someone with military background or family) I am Dakota Stumps mother… feel free to reach out to me. Really dissect that report.

    • Did they have anything in common? Did any training programs changed during that year? Were all of them deployed to the same area overseas? Did they report to the same unit? Did they hold a similar religion or political view? It never hurts to check all facts.

    • My son was one of the Fort Hood shooting victims. The Army forgot about him. They left people behind. SSG Joshua Berry is not listed among the killed or wounded. He didn’t exist. Josh committed suicide in 2013. Leadership at Hood punted these people. Army Wrong not Army Strong.

    • I’m experiencing the same exact situation right now. My son was killed while on fire watch at approximately 4:30am on March 15th. Not one single person who has ever him or has heard his story believes that he committed suicide. (Actually on duty no less). If you want to chat about it a bit you could Facebook me or add me on messenger and we could compare stories. My son was a Marine who was killed at Camp Pendleton, in California. I would really appreciate it to message someone else like us regarding our horrible situations.
      or email me at

      • Fort Hood needs to be accountable for all those military staff mostly Low ranking soldiers killed in or around the military base. Chain of command is doing nothing, where is the body system in Fort Hood? Why so many young soldiers are dying and they just mark them AWOL they need to find them. Gregory Welder was found by accident when they were looking for Vanessa Guillén as a request of her family. She was missing for almost two months when her family turned to the media and place guard at the post demanding answers she was found unfortunately she was a victim of abuse by another young soldier. He killed her in the most miserable way. What happens in For Hood? Who is responsible for those young soldiers? Where is the chain of command? I’m an Army wife with five military family members. Three of them been my husband and two sons, my niece and nephew. I will never ever will be as happy as I was with the Military Family. We need answers from Fort Hood.

      • I feel that it’s important to find the real murders.Its impossible they are suicidal.I agree 100% with you.
        I read about all the dead ones.R.I.P
        No news about them no mention at all.

  2. Thank you for doing your research… my husband was one of the nine soldiers who died in the flooding accidents. In my husband’s case, it was due to poor leadership that cause his and the soldier’s death.

  3. Thank you for your efforts as I hope someone will listen soon! I am Dakota Stumps mom and would be happy to speak with you concerning the incompetence during the investigation in at least my sons… hopefully other parents will start questioning and want to speak out on the Army’s inconsistencies! I worry for them all…

    • Patrice, I agree, we should start questioning and speak out on the Army’s inconsistencies.
      I still feel that this is just an terrible dream. And every Sunday ( my son would call) that it isn’t a dream at all.
      Patrice you shared,
      ” Now that their investigation is complete, would love help on making change for the next soldier. All these may not be passed but gives us a mold to start the shape of changes in our laws designed to protect our precious guys and gals who sacrifice all for us… The true heroes!”
      “I can only say that half of my soul is gone. It’s just gone. I don’t think there are words for a parent that has lost a child, I think you feel like you’re dead yourself,” said Patrice Wise, his mother.
      “I’m very angry, and I know I’m going to go through a lot of emotions but this anger isn’t going to go away unless I get answers,” said Wise.
      “I always told Dakota he was going to do something really, really great in life,” Wise said. “I didn’t know that it was going to be to turn out like this.”
      Dakota will always be remembered.
      Like · Reply · April 23, 2017 8

  4. Simple enough answer, between incompetent leaders, the drugs, the gang bangers, poor units, ghetto neighborhoods, poor quality soldiers, and just being in Texas, this place is where souls go to die… Hood kills you on the inside. The outside follows shortly afterwards..

  5. My thoughts and prayers go out out to all. My son is there now. Not a day goes by that I don’t worry about him. I just pray that god watch’s over him for me.

  6. What the Hell is going on at Hood???? I worked right across the street from where the November 12 attack happened in Afghanistan. It was a bad day for the whole compound. I hope that there is some type of clarity sooner or later.

  7. I am Steven K. Hines mother and proud to be. I know my son worked on many of the cases, before his death. His investigation, just as many others, are being worked on by other Fort C.I.D. agents.
    Just as Jeff Taylor, said about his son Alex Taylor ” I know he would not have done that.”
    We are the Surviving Parents of Fallen Soldiers. We are not widows, widowers, or orphans.
    Our children were taken much to soon.
    The army does not like to use the word ” suicide “, they would prefer ” self inflicted wound “.
    The day my son died, Feb 5, 2017 ( Super-Bowl Sunday ), a part of myself died also, as so many others.
    Thank You Jennifer Norris, for putting this link together, may all of us find comport and support from each other.
    ” No person will be left behind “.

  8. Really eye opening report. Question is:
    Why haven’t there been any public media acknowledgement to the incidents?
    In June there was 9, yes 9, deaths due to
    JEEZ, anybody else wondering what the Sam Hill is going on there.
    One incident invoved a CIA agent MURDERED on base. What is up with THAT?
    Think it’s time those in charge need to step up
    And get this Under CONTROL.
    The PUBLIC and service families need answers.
    Quit sweeping this under the rug.
    Top dog needs to ANSWER, explain them to a special congressional meeting (publicly​)

    • Kathy, I concur, even though my son’s death certificate says ” suicide ” ( army prefers to say self inflicted wounds ) I feel that my son was MURDERED on base. And the icing on the cake is the family is blaming me, saying that if I was a ” good Mom ” that none of this would have happen.
      The day I held that piece of paper was very difficult, but yet I thought this was just a terrible joke.
      As parents, we never should have to see a document as such.
      I have had 2 family members serve our country, brother, and cousin, both Marines, yet both returned home.
      Oh, if I could have been a piece of lint in his pocket that day, I would know more, seen more and believed more.

      • I agree with you I worked with your son on Many cases he took his work very serious and always had a great attitude while doing so I’m very sorry for your loss

  9. To Whom it May Concern
    I have a question..
    How many of these soldiers were deployed to Afghanistan ?
    How long after they returned did their deaths occur ?

  10. Something has to be done about the number of deaths as there are way too many deaths at this base. Our Soldiers need to be protected at all costs.. both stateside and abroad. They dedicate their lives and sacrifice so much for our country, deaths by accidents while training, etc., have got to stop. Someone needs to be accountable for this!!!

  11. Thank you Gunny,
    My wife and I lived there 2007 – 2012 I was deployed to Iraq as a contractor after being medically retired from Army we were there during the Husain terrorist attack I love Killeen only reason we moved back to FL was to be near my boys and wife’s family God bless you for following this tragic trend I love my troops my son is a UH-60 M pilot he just lost his crew chief last Monday in the crash in Maryland we are raising $$$ on a go fund me page “The crew of PAT 04” how do you help the familes please let me know I work with a few organizations that help families of our fallen soldiers SSG Jack Slingerland Ret DAV @ God Bless Our Troops

  12. Pingback: What is happening at our military bases – 'Nox & Friends

  13. I am Dakota Stump’s mom, I will never believe these are all suicide or accident or whatever the next label they have for the next victim. I appreciate you keeping up with the deaths and honoring these soldiers… hope you plan to do an article on what all the families feel happened… we know our children.

  14. I am not a Ft. Hood mom although I feel your pain I am having the same issues at the post my son is currently stationed at state side I won’t mention because we are having enough of the same problems there also so know it is not just happing at Ft. Hood it is on a lot of our posts and it’s not right and I agree something needs to be done and the Army needs to give us some answers as to what the He** is going on with our soldiers.

    • Like many other Government agencies abuse of power and authority and plenty of cover ups to protect the ring Leaders in their “boys club,”

  15. Mi nombre es Zayda Quiñones, soy la madre de Ángel Benítez Quiñones, el murió el 12 de octubre 2017. Aparentemente se suicidó, fue encontrado dentro de su vehículo, en lago Nolan. Alegadamente no habían huellas en su auto, el arma no era de el. Mi hijo estuvo desaparecido dos días , no informaron a ningún familiar, desconozco que gestiones realizo el ejército para intentar encontrarlo… Tengo muchas preguntas y muy pocas respuestas

  16. Soldiers are dying frequently in fort hood especially, because they are literally getting worked to death. Early morning and late night weekends and long field days. They need a break. Working all week and all weekend just to go to the field for a full week or longer the following week. It’s ridiculous and it needs to change. The sgts and commanders don’t care about their health, well being, or families. All they care about is making sure they get the work done and if that means tiring out their soldiers then they’ll do it. They simply do not care. That is why soldiers are dying frequently here.

    • I’m just seeing this post on Facebook. I see there are a number of sucides happening. Delaware had a cluster of students take their own lives years ago. It was in a local school. The feds finally got involved. There has to be more to all of this. It’s quite concerning to me. What is being done about this?

  17. What is BLORA? please. And is there no way to have an unbiased investigation and explanation as to why there are disproportionate numbers of soldiers dying at Fort Hood over the last few years? I agree that on the surface, they will brush it off and save ass of top level command.

  18. I am TJ Jurgens mother. You have him listed as unknown and he died by suicide. We had no idea of the history of this with Ft. Hood until it happened to us.
    Thank you for bringing attention to this.

  19. I was at Ft Hood from 95-98. We never went to combat at that time. The only death i knew of was a new guy who didn’t seem to have any friends. I think he was only there a couple weeks. The conditions were not bad enough to kill yourself. The barracks we had were brand new. Nobody picked on anybody else that much. Its important that we all got along. So it was shocking all of us that he bought a shotgun and went behind Walmart. Last name was Pruitt, 20th Engineer Battalion.

  20. My son, PFC Logan Castello, age 21, committed suicide by hanging on Nov. 20, 2019 while stationed at Fort Hood. He was 1st-3rd Cavalry Regiment, Quicksilver Troop. He is not listed among the deaths in this article.

    • I am sorry. I am about 15 months ahead of you in this journey. I lost my son same place, same way, on July 30. 2018. I know these mornings of being on the internet searching for…. anything. Just thought I would let you know that you are not alone. I know it doesn’t help much most days but sometimes it feels like no one understands. I do.

      Also Timothy Jurgens is still listed as “unknown” on here and he died by suicide.

  21. Please add to your list the ones who have been arrested for prostitution and human trafficking as well.

  22. James Sartor KIA 7/13 was not stationed at Ft Hood he was stationed at Ft Carson, CO. However he did speak at my husband, SGT James Johnstons, memorial that was held over in Afghanistan.

  23. The 9-5-2019 death of maintenance was due to an engine falling on soldier because a strap snapped. The chain that was supposed to be being used was broke for months so they substituted a strap. This was negligence and should have never happened

  24. My son’s been at Ft Hood for 4 yrs now. I am surprised of all the violence and theft that happens on base. Also those that return from overseas and have PTSD are made fun of and few seek help. This needs to be addressed and more focus on base helping those with PTSD

  25. I was stationed there in the early 90s and I can tell you some of it . Fort Hood was known as the divorce post and someone eathere wanted to kill someone s husband to get his wife or some wanted to take thier own life because they gave thier life to thier country and someone took thier wives. There is a bad spirit there and it almost got me but it did get my marriage and several of my friends also.

  26. How can I find out if my son is still alive? Haven’t talked to him in years stationed at ft hood. Texas

  27. This is quite strange, also interesting. Have you ever thought of doing some research to find out what was happening on the base during the months that zero deaths occurred? Then cross referencing that information with activity during the months of reported deaths looking for anomalies?
    I would.

  28. Jesus christ this is depressing .. It’s almost as if there is an organized crime cartel operating inside Hood. The crime patterns resemble that of a mafia or ruthless street gang. Many of these deaths seem linked to a group who dsnt take no for an answer. Think about it.

  29. My nephew died off base from Fort Hood in 1978. He was shot 5 x in the head. He was the 5th one this happened to within a year. This is not new. How many more happened afrter that. Army ruled it a homicide. Previously someone had run him off the road and totalled his car. Keven D. Lee. If you want more details I have the army report on ancestry.

  30. Is there a list of people that have gone missing and still haven’t been found from Fort Hood. I have been having difficulties finding that information.

  31. Can we add my brothers name?? He was killed by “suicide” on base at Ft. Hood November 18, 2016. Christopher Eric King, 37 years old.

    • Fort Hood needs to be accountable for all those military staff mostly Low ranking soldiers killed in or around the military base. Chain of command is doing nothing, where is the body system in Fort Hood? Why so many young soldiers are dying and they just mark them as AWOL they need to find them. Gregory Welder was found by accident when they were looking for Vanessa Guillén as a request of her family. She was missing for almost two months when her family turned to the media and place guard at the post demanding answers , yes she was found unfortunately she was a victim of abuse by another young soldier. He killed her in the most miserable way. What happens in For Hood? Who is responsible for those young soldiers? Where is the chain of command?

  32. So disturbing the army is losing soldier this way. I thought the army was so professional. After the Melissa Gullien case. There is no way I’m letting my high school teens enlist. No way!!!!

    In 1966, the U.S. war in Vietnam was heating up rapidly, and President Lying Lyndon Johnson and his moronic Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, were faced with a problem of their own making: The Armed Forces needed more and more troops for the war zone, but there was a shortage of men who were considered fair game for the military draft. There were plenty of men of draft age (18-26) in America, but most of them were unavailable. Many were attending college, using student deferments to avoid the draft. Others had found safe havens in the National Guard and Reserves, like Trump, which by and large were not sent to Vietnam. Still others were DISQUALIFIED because they scored poorly on the military’s mental and physical entrance tests.

    How could the Gringos, LBJ and Mac round up enough men to send to war? They realized that they would anger the vote-powerful middle class if they drafted college boys and if they sent National Guardsmen and Reserves to Vietnam. So instead they decided to induct the DISQUALIFIED low-scoring men, whom Johnson referred to (in a secret White House tape) as “second-class fellows”.

    On October 1, 1966, McNamara launched a program called Project 100,000, which lowered mental and physical military standards. Men who had been unqualified for military duty the day before, were now deemed qualified. By the end of the Vietnam war, McNamara’s program had taken 354,000 substandard men into the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy, Among the regular troops, these men were often known as “McNamara’s Morons” or “The Moron Corps”.

    Military leaders – from Westmoreland, the commanding general in Vietnam, to lieutenants and sergeants at the platoon level – viewed McNamara’s program as a disaster. Because most of the Project 100,000 were mentally and physically incompetent and it was next to impossible to train them, ESPECIALLY for the SLAUGHTER FIELDS OF VIETNAM.

    A total of 5,478 of McNamara’s Morons were killed in Vietnam. Their fatality rate was THREE (3) times as high as that of other GIs. An estimated 20,270 were wounded and many were permanently disabled.

    In recalling the day in 1969 when he reported to the induction center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, for his pre-induction exam, Mark Frutkin said:

    “At that point in the war they were taking just about anyone they could get: misfits, flatfoots, the half-crippled, and the half-crazed.”

    Mark Frutkin: ERRATIC NORTH: A Vietnam Draft Resister’s Life in the Canadian Bush (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2008), p.84

    His colourful description contained much truth. In the later years of the war, the military began taking men with physical, medical, moral, and psychological defects – men who were often referred to as “the bottom of the barrel”, or, in the words of General Louis H. Wilson Jr., former Commandant of the Marine Corps,

    “the dregs of society.”

    Adam Bernstein, “Gen Louis Wilson Dies: Awarded Medal of Honor.” Washington Post, June 24, 2005, p. B.05

    Why were such men taken? In a word, DESPERATION. The military was already inducting 354,000 McNamara’s Morons, as well as accepting volunteers (few and fewer as the war dragged on) and drafting men who lacked exemptions (for example, college students who were not attending school fulltime.) But all of these men added together were not sufficient. Thousands of additional men were urgently needed because of three vexing circumstances.

    First, there were many deaths and injuries in the war zone. The three years 1966 through1971 were “the meat-grinder years,” a grisly term used by some veterans. Most of the wars 58,220 dead and 321,704 wounded occurred during those years.

    The casualities left many units short-handed.
    [“Military Records,” National Archives,, accessed January 17, 2014]

    Second, thousands of soldiers were going AWOL or deserting. The Senate Armed Services Committee said that in 1968 alone, the absenteeism was costing the militaty the equivalent of ten combat divisions of 15,000 men each.

    [Kevin Hillstrom and Laurie Collier Hillstrom: The Vietnam Experience (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998), p. 135]

    Third, thousands of middle-class youths were avoiding the draft by using college deferments and other loopholes, like Dick Cheney.

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney, who spent the war in college and graduate school, sought and received five deferments from his draft board (four student deferments and one hardship deferment), even though he was pro-war. Years later, when he was one of the prime architects of the war in Iraq and was accused of being a hypocrite for sending thousands of men into combat, he justified his Vietnam-era behaviour in this way:

    “I had other priorities in the 60s than military service. I don’t regret the decisions I made.”

    [Joan Didion, “Cheney: The Fatal Touch”, New York Review, Oct. 5, 2006, p. 55]

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