Air Force Veteran John Ray Murdered in Georgia Home; 9 Years Later, Torico Jackson Convicted & Sentenced to Life in Prison, No Parole (May 16, 2004)


John Ray, US Air Force Veteran

ID Go: 32 year-old paralegal John Ray had everything going for him: great career, a loving family and friends. When his body is found in his Atlanta home in 2004, detectives are stumped. Years later, a hidden message from the victim himself may solve this crime. -Message From the Grave, Dead of Night (S2, E10)

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Message From the Grave | Dead of Night | Investigation Discovery (S2, E10)
Cold Case: John E. Ray murder 5/16/2004 Atlanta, GA *Torico Jackson convicted, sentenced to 2 consecutive terms of LWOP*

Joanna Rogers Found Murdered; Marine Corps Reservist Rosendo Rodriguez Admitted to the Murder in Separate Homicide Investigation; Never Held Legally Accountable (May 4, 2004)

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Joanna Rogers and Rosendo Rodriguez, US Marine Corps Reservist

On September 13, 2005, Summer Baldwin, 29, was found in a suitcase in a landfill in Lubbock, Texas. After an extensive investigation, authorities zeroed in on US Marine Corps Reservist Rosendo Rodriguez. In the course of the investigation, Rodriguez also admitted to murdering Joanna Rogers, 16, on May 4, 2004 in Lubbock Texas. But there was not enough forensic evidence to connect Rodriguez to Joanna’s murder. Joanna’s badly decomposed body was also found in a suitcase in the the landfill. Rodriguez was found guilty of two capital murders: Summer Baldwin and her unborn baby. Rosendo Rodriguez was sentenced to death in the State of Texas. Rodriguez appealed his death penalty conviction but a federal court denied the request in May 2017.

Learn more: Marine Corps Reservist Rosendo Rodriguez Murdered Summer Baldwin and Unborn Child; Sentenced to Death in Texas for Two Capital Murders (2005)

The body of a young mother was found in a suitcase in a Texas landfill. The suitcase leads investigators to Rosendo Rodriguez, who had an overwhelming amount of forensic evidence against him. But upon an extensive search of the same landfill, Rogers’ decomposing body was also found in a suitcase. -Forensic Files

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