September: U.S. Department of Defense Casualties Report (2012)


09/30/2012:  DoD Identifies Army Casualty: Riley Stephens, 39, Afghanistan, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

09/28/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualties: Orion Sparks, 29, and Jonathan Gollnitz, 28, Afghanistan, Schweinfurt, Germany

09/28/2012:  Airman Missing from WWII Identified

09/28/2012:  Marine Missing in Action from Korean War Identified

09/27/2012:  Army Releases August Suicide Data

09/26/2012:  DOD Identifies Navy Casualty: Dion Roberts, 25, NCD, Afghanistan, East Coast Naval Special Warfare Unit

09/21/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Jason Swindle, 24, Afghanistan, Fort Stewart, Georgia

09/19/2012:  DoD and VA to Fund $100 Million PTSD and TBI Study

09/19/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Joshua Nelson, 22, Afghanistan, Fort Gordon, Georgia

09/19/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualties: Sapuro Nena, 25, Genaro Bedoy, 20, and Jon Townsend, 19, Afghanistan, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington

09/17/2012:  New DOD Safe Helpline Mobile App Now Available

09/17/2012:  DOD Identifies Marine Casualties: Christopher Raible, 40, and Bradley Atwell, 27, Afghanistan, Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward)

09/15/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Kyle Osborn, 26, Afghanistan, Camp Ederle, Vicenza, Italy

09/09/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualties: Jose Montenegro Jr, 31, and Thalia Ramirez, 28, NCDs, Afghanistan, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

09/06/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Shane Cantu, 20, Afghanistan, Caserma Ederle, Vicenza, Italy

09/05/2012:  DOD Identifies Marine Casualty: Alec Terwiske, 21, Afghanistan, Camp Pendleton, California

09/04/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Jeremie Border, 28, Afghanistan, Torii Station, Japan

09/04/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Jonathan Schmidt, 28, Afghanistan, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

09/03/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Kyle Rookey, 23, NCD, Afghanistan, Fort Carson, Colorado

Lackland Military Training Instructor SSgt Kwinton Estacio Pleaded Guilty; Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison for Unprofessional Relationship (September 10, 2012)

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 4.01.44 PM

SSgt Kwinton Estacio, US Air Force

“If Estacio had been convicted of sexual assault or wrongful sexual contact, the Air Force would have been required to notify state officials so he could be placed on a sex-offender registry, said Lt. Col. Mark Hoover, an Air Force training command attorney.” -My SA

SSgt Kwinton Estacio was a basic military training instructor as Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. He was one of the 35 instructors courts martialed in what is referred to as the Lackland Sex Scandal. SSgt Estacio was accused of a sexual assault and wrongful sexual contact with a trainee. The judge found him not guilty of sexual assault as there was not enough evidence to support the charge. A sexual assault conviction carried a maximum sentence of thirty years. A jury found him not guilty of wrongful sexual contact. Sexual assault and wrongful sexual contact indictments could have landed him on the sex offender registry. SSgt Estacio pleaded guilty to an unprofessional relationship, disobeying a direct order, and obstruction of justice. He was sentenced to one year in prison and received a bad conduct discharge. He appealed his sentence but the appeal was denied. Although the actions for which he was found guilty were unprofessional and in fact UCMJ infractions, they were not criminal in nature yet he was sentenced to 1 year in prison. SSgt Estacio had the sixth longest prison sentence in the Lackland scandal. SrA Christopher Oliver had the fifth longest sentence at 2 years for unprofessional relationships and adultery. SSgt Craig LeBlanc had the fourth longest sentence at 2 1/2 years for unprofessional relationships & adultery. SSgt Eddy Soto had the third longest sentence at 4 years for rape but Soto’s conviction was later overturned by the Air Force Criminal Court of Appeals. The rape charge lacked sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. SSgt Luis Walker and MSgt Michael Silva both received 20 year sentences for rape and sexual assault.

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