Martha Fulton Gunned Down in Michigan; Donna Trapani Guilty of Hiring 3 Hitmen to Kill Lover’s Wife, Sentenced to Life in Prison, No Parole (October 4, 1999)

Martha Fulton

Martha Gail Garza Fulton, Lake Orion, Michigan

“Donna Kay Trapani is a home health care nurse who falls in love with a married man named George Fulton. After a brief fling, George breaks off with Donna and returns to his wife, but his scorned ex-mistress decides to have his wife, Gail, gunned down. Donna is now serving a life sentence without parole.”

Name: Donna Trapani
Occupation: Health care nurse
Pathology: Murderer by proxy
Dates: October 4, 1999
Location: Lake Orion, Michigan
Motive: Jealousy and revenge
Victims: Gail Fulton
M.O. Hired contract killer
Conviction: Life without parole
Status: Incarcerated
Appearance: Souls of Stone

Source: Donna Trapani | Deadlywomen Wiki | FANDOM

Investigation Discovery:

Selfish women will sometimes sell their souls to the devil to get what they want. A scorned lover weaves a web of lies, a teenage Goth orders a reign of terror, and a gold-digger buries secrets in her basement. These Deadly Women have “Souls of Stone.” -Souls of Stone, Deadly Women (S7, E18)


Full Episode: Gail Fulton, a librarian living in a Detroit suburb, was gunned down in a parking lot by a trio of Florida killers. Donna Trapani, a nurse from Pensacola, hired the three because she had been jilted by Gail’s husband. This documentary goes on the road, re-riding the death trip from the deep south. It’s a crime of passion that leaves behind a ruined family. -Red Neck Revenge, Mugshots (TruTV)

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