Denise Maney Found Fatally Shot & Stabbed in Palm Springs, California; Marine Veteran Andrew Urdiales Sentenced to Death for Five Murders (March 11, 1995)

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Denise Maney, Civilian, California

March 11, 1995: Denise Maney, 32, Palm Springs, California

Marine veteran Andrew Urdiales is accused of murdering eight women from 1986 to 1996, five in California and three in Illinois, and raping and abducting 19 year old Jennifer Asbenson who escaped and survived. Urdiales was indicted for three murders in Illinois and was sentenced to death but the death sentence was commuted after Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois abolished capital punishment in 2011. Instead he received three life sentences for the murders of Laura Uylaki, Cassandra Corum, and Lynn Huber. A gun confiscated in a separate incident linked the three murders in Illinois together and during an interrogation, Urdiales admitted in detail to five cold case murders in California too.

After years of legal wrangling, Urdiales was eventually extradited to California and indicted in 2009 on five counts of first degree murder. He was accused of killing Robbin Brandley, Julie McGhee, Mary Ann Wells, Tammie Erwin, and Denise Maney while stationed at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base. On May 23, 2018, Andrew Urdiales was convicted of five murders by a jury that deliberated for about a day before recommending in June 2018 that he be sentenced to death for each of the five murders. On November 2, 2018, corrections officials said they found Urdiales unresponsive during a security check at San Quentin State Prison; former Marine and serial killer Andrew Urdiales died by suicide.

In the News:

The murders occurred when Andrew Urdiales was stationed at various Marine Corps facilities in Southern California. -CBS Los Angeles (October 5, 2018)

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1 thought on “Denise Maney Found Fatally Shot & Stabbed in Palm Springs, California; Marine Veteran Andrew Urdiales Sentenced to Death for Five Murders (March 11, 1995)

  1. I knew andrew urdiales in texas in 1994 and maybe early 1995. We went to the christmas parade together and he protected me from a mass of people congregated there for the christmas parade after that as we were walking back to the homeless shelter where both of us were staying he kind of forced me down a flight of stairs which let to an underground mall he then pulled a long knife. I think he noticed movement and was confused by the lights in the underground mall and disappeared. There were some people down there and they were coming toward him. He was scared off I guess. Later on he became wildly popular with the ladies who ate at the stewpot as he did sometimes. They would loudly call him eddie Fisher in sort of an admiring way. He was a very attractive young man at that time he hung around with the hispanics mostly and after he attempted to have sex with me again disappeared forever and I wondered what happened to him now I see in the news what happened this is saddening

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