Army Soldier Kevin Spann Fatally Shot by Two Teenagers at Front Door of Georgia Home; Wife Gina Spann Sentenced to Life in Prison, No Parole (May 11, 1997)


Kevin Spann, U.S. Army

Army SSG Kevin Spann married Gina Lynn Pierce in 1989 and became a step-father to her son. They met in Gina’s hometown in Illinois and moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 1990. About a year after they were married, Kevin was deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Desert Storm. Gina couldn’t handle being alone so she went back to her hometown in Illinois. After Kevin returned home from Kuwait, he went to Illinois to see if Gina would go to Fort Gordon, Georgia with him. Gina agreed and things were going well until Kevin had to start working long hours. Kevin suggested she get a job to help occupy her time. It would be at this job where Gina would meet three teenagers who quickly became her friends despite the age difference.

Gina became popular with the teenagers when they learned that she could buy them alcohol. They all started partying together at hotels after work and eventually Gina started sleeping with one of them. After awhile Gina just moved the parties to her marital home. Kevin would come home from work and find drunk, passed out kids all over his house. Gina also did not hide the fact that she was sleeping with one of the teens, Larry Kelley. She did not care how Kevin Spann felt about the arrangement. One day, Larry’s step father kicked him out of the house. Because Larry didn’t know where else to turn, he turned to Gina who agreed to let him move in with them. Not only did he move into the house but he moved into the marital bedroom with Gina and Kevin moved out. Kevin slept in another room in the same house.

In the spring of 1997, Kevin had finally had enough and asked Gina for a divorce. But Gina begged Kevin to make the marriage work and she promised him she would change. She knew that if Kevin divorced her she would end up with nothing. Kevin loved her and wanted to make the marriage work so he agreed to try again but he insisted that Larry get out of his house in one week. It would be days later that Gina found her front door open and Kevin lying on the floor in a pool of blood. SSG Kevin Spann was shot twice and killed at his doorstep on Mother’s Day, May 11, 1997. He was shot once in the head and once in the chest, torso area. When the killers left, he was still alive. Kevin bled to death.

Gina and Larry Kelley provided each other with alibis when investigators questioned their whereabouts. Although Larry also told police that he was Gina’s live in boyfriend which peaked investigators interest and made the couple prime suspects. They hauled both Gina and Kevin down to the station. Gina adamantly denied any involvement in the shooting. Larry on the other hand told investigators everything. He told them that Gina asked him to find someone to shoot her husband so he did. He found Matthew Piazzi and Gerald Horne to do the job. Investigators would learn that Gina devised a plan and told the teenagers what to do. After Gina and Larry left the residence, Matthew and Gerald were to knock on the door, wait for Kevin to answer, shoot him, and then get rid of the gun. Matthew was the gunman.

Investigators searched Gina’s car and found a $300,000 life insurance policy for Kevin Spann which gave them the evidence they needed to charge Gina with murder. Gina Spann and Larry Kelley conspired to murder Kevin and were both sentenced to life without parole. Gina finally admitted her role in the murder after learning that Larry Kelley was facing the death sentence. She agreed to tell investigators what her role was in the murder if they took the death penalty off the table for both of them. Gina Spann plead guilty to first degree murder and Larry Kelley was convicted of first degree murder. Matthew Piazzi and Gerald Horne both plead guilty to first degree murder and were sentenced to life in prison. Christopher Bargeron pled guilty to conspiracy and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Source: Special Delivery, Deadly Affairs, Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery:

Kevin and Gina Spann know that life in the military is anything but easy. But when Kevin goes away, Gina plays. -Special Delivery, Deadly Affairs (S2, E9)

Some women can’t resist boy toys. But fur flies when these Deadly Women reveal they’re “Killer Cougars.” -Deadly Women (S10, E1)

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2 thoughts on “Army Soldier Kevin Spann Fatally Shot by Two Teenagers at Front Door of Georgia Home; Wife Gina Spann Sentenced to Life in Prison, No Parole (May 11, 1997)

  1. Gina…Gina…Gina…had you read Proverbs chapters 5, 6, & 7 coupled with making WISDOM your sister (Proverbs chapter one), you could have avoided the tricks/wiles of the devil (Ephensians chapter 6 verses 10-17). The 15 minutes to read this message from God’s holy work verses the years you have spent in prison would have been worth the time. As the cliche goes, “Man-up” and quit the denials. Moved your lover into into the house…OMG!!! The man forgave you several times. Remember, you must stand before God one day and there is no saving beyond the grave. May God bless you and your family.

  2. Kevin and were in the army together I met him at Fort Gordon, Ga. in 1989 He was in my AIT class. Then after AIT we were stationed at Fort Hood in the same platoon. We served together in Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield/Storm. I knew him very well our first Christmas at Fort Hood I actually went to his apartment and spent the holiday with him,Gina and their son. His wife was very irresponsible with money there was never enough for her. Now looking back I remember that Kevin had to come back from Saudi earlier than anybody else because his house had mysteriously burned down. And they had lost everything. I had always thought that there was something no right with Gina I just couldn’t place it at the time.
    Kevin was a very good man and soldier. He would help anyone. And his life revolves around his family. He tried to make Gina happy but it seemed like she was never satisfied with anything. When Kevin was transferred to Germany we lost touch with each other. I just think that all those years ago if I could have pinpointed my uneasy ness with his wife I could have said something to him but being only 19 at the time I wasn’t to keen on those types of things. All I can say is Kevin I hope that you have finally found peace and love. RIP SSG Kevin Spann.

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