Army Sergeant Hasan Akbar Used a Grenade & Rifle to Harm Fellow Soldiers in Kuwait Resulting in Two Deaths & Several Injuries; Sentenced to Death by Military Court (2003)


Hasan Akbar, US Army

Sergeant Hasan Akbar, US Army, was sentenced to death by the military courts in 2005 for the March 23, 2003 grenade and rifle attacks on his fellow soldiers at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait. Akbar was accused of rolling hand grenades inside tents at a military command center and then opening fire. Army Captain Christopher Scott Seifert and Air Force Major Gregory L. Stone died in the attacks and fourteen others were wounded in the chaotic grenade and rifle attack. According to testimony, Akbar had been repeatedly disciplined by Army leadership for insubordination and it was also learned from his own diary entries that he carefully planned the attacks to result in maximum carnage. It appeared that Akbar targeted senior command staff and his motive was to stop US soldiers from harming his fellow Muslims. He was convicted of premeditated first degree murder. Akbar continues to appeal his death sentence and as of 2016 he has requested that the US Supreme Court hear his case in an attempt to reverse the death sentence imposed by the UCMJ. Hasan Akbar currently sits on death row at Fort Leavenworth prison in Kansas with three other service members: Timothy HennisRonald Gray, and Nidal Hasan.

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