Tourists Joshua Ford & Martha Crutchley Were Befriended, Lured, Robbed, and Murdered by Thrill Killers Erika & Benjamin Sifrit in Ocean City, Maryland (May 25, 2002)

Joshua Ford Martha Crutchley

Joshua Ford and Martha Crutchley

Benjamin and Erika Sifrit murdered tourists Joshua Ford, 32, and Martha Crutchley, 51, on May 25, 2002 in Ocean City, Maryland. In 2003, Benjamin Sifrit was sentenced to 38 years in prison for one homicide and the dismemberment of human bodies and his wife Erika was sentenced to life in prison plus twenty years for two homicides. Benjamin Sifrit was a Navy Seal who was dishonorably discharged shortly after marrying Erika.

Full Episode: Psychopathic killers lurk in society, mostly acting alone. Sometimes fate brings them into contact with another person who shares their cold power to kill. Apart they are dangerous, together they form teams that commit murders beyond our comprehension. Erika Sifrit goes to Ocean City with her husband, giving an innocent couple an invitation back to their condo to be murdered. -Lethal Lovers, Deadly Women (S3, E9)

Full Episode: The couple spent Memorial Day weekend at the beach, and then they simply vanished. Their clothes and personal items were still in the rented condo, their car was parked outside, and there were no signs of forced entry or foul play. A week later, police would get an unexpected lead from a robbery in progress, and the evidence they found helped them to solve a crime of unparalleled violence and brutality. -Dirty Little Seacret, Forensic Files (S13, E46)

From the outside, Benjamin and Erika Sifrit looked like a typical young middle-class married couple. But behind closed doors, their marriage harbored dark secrets that included drugs and an obsession with stealing Hooters memorabilia. When their vices were no longer fulfilling their needs, they turned to something more sinister – thrill killing. -Ocean City’s ‘Thrill Kill’ Couple, Part 1, Crime Watch Daily

Ocean City’s ‘Thrill Kill’ Couple – Pt. 2 – Crime Watch Daily

Ocean City’s ‘Thrill Kill’ Couple – Pt. 3 – Crime Watch Daily

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Deadly Women Premiered ‘Lethal Lovers’ on Investigation Discovery: Erika and Benjamin Sifrit Murdered Maryland Tourists Joshua Ford and Martha Crutchley (October 15, 2009)
Forensic Files Premiered ‘Dirty Little Seacret’: Thrill Killers Erika and Benjamin Sifrit Murdered Two Tourists in Ocean City, Maryland (May 28, 2010)