Fort Stewart Army Sgt. Sophie Champoux Found Unresponsive in Vehicle on Base; Death Ruled Suicide (September 30, 2011)

Sgt Sophie Champoux, US Army (2011)
Sgt. Sophie Champoux, U.S. Army

Suzie, Sophie’s mom, told us that after coming home from a year long deployment to Afghanistan, Sophie was promoted to run the medic station at Fort Stewart, GA. She was really excited about her new career opportunity. Suzie also informed us that Sophie had admitted to being raped three times while serving her country but was hesitant like most to report. Her death was ruled a suicide by the US Army but like most parents, Suzie cannot understand why, when she had future plans and seemed happy. The case is currently under investigation by the family.

“During my time at NOW, I have read numerous accounts from victims of sexual assault in the military. One such story is that of Sergeant Sophie Champoux, who was raped on three separate occasions –twice in the United States, once in Afghanistan. On two of those occasions she was raped by the same man, who stalked her from Afghanistan to Georgia. She was later discovered with a shotgun blast behind her right ear. No one in Champoux’s chain of command would protect her from her stalker. Although her death was ruled a suicide, some doubt that she died by her own hands.” –NOW (November 20, 2013)

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