Adrianne Jones Murdered by Air Force Academy Cadet David Graham and Naval Academy Cadet Diane Zamora; Motive Was Jealousy (1995)

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Adrianne Jones

Adrianne Jones was murdered December 4th, 1995 by Air Force Academy Cadet David Graham and his girlfriend and Naval Academy Cadet Diane Zamora. The crime occurred while they were all still in high school in Texas prior to David joining the Air Force Academy and Diane joining the Naval Academy. All three of them had very bright futures. Adrianne Jones was missing for quite some time before her body was discovered. The case went unsolved until Diane Zamora admitted to some friends at the Naval Academy that she had killed someone with her boyfriend. David Graham admitted to his role in the crime; he was sentenced to life in prison. Diane Zamora denies her role in the crime to this day; she was sentenced to life in prison.

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“In 1995, bright 16-year old student Adrianne Jones is found shot to death in Grand Prairie, Texas. Police don’t have any strong suspects, until nine months later when a game of Truth-or-Dare leads to a startling confession.” -Investigation Discovery