Army Soldier Dwight Loving Robbed & Murdered First of Two Cab Drivers; Sentenced to Death by Military But Commuted by President Obama, Sentenced to Life (1988)


Dwight Loving, US Army

A military judge sentenced Army soldier Dwight Loving, 20, to death for the murders of two Killeen, Texas cab drivers and the attempted murder of a third. Loving was found guilty April 3, 1989 of two counts of felony murder in the deaths of Army Private Christopher Fay, 20, a 13th Corps Support Command soldier and part-time Killeen cab driver, and retired Master Sgt. Bobby Sharbino, 44. The two men were found dead in their taxis on December 12 and December 13, 1988, both victims of gunshot wounds. Howard Harrison, 28, another cab driver, was injured when he struggled with Loving in his cab. Harrison managed to escape after knocking the gun from Lovings hand. The court also found Loving guilty of robbing two 7-Eleven convenience stores on December 11, 1988. Dwight Loving was one of six service members on military death row at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas which included Andrew WittRonald Gray, Timothy Hennis, Hasan Akbar, and Nidal Hasan. Although Andrew Witt has since been granted a new sentencing trial and President Barack Obama commuted Loving’s death sentence before he left Office. Loving has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. According to the terms of the commutation agreement, Loving will be unable to appeal his conviction or be eligible in any way for release in the future

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