Fort Hood Army Deserters George York & James Latham Killed Seven People in Multiple States in Two Weeks; Sentenced to Death in Kansas (May 24, 1961)

US Army Seal

Army soldiers George York and James Latham went Absent without Leave (AWOL) from Fort Hood in Texas on May 24, 1961. In two weeks, they killed seven people in multiple states:

  1. Edward Guidroz (bludgeoned to near death), Louisiana
  2. Althea Ottavio (robbed and strangled), Georgia
  3. Patricia Hewitt (robbed and strangled), Georgia
  4. John Whittaker (robbed, shot, and killed), Tennessee
  5. Albert Reed (stole car, murdered), Illinois
  6. Martin Drenovac (stole gas, murdered), Illinois
  7. Rachel Moyer (molested and murdered), Colorado
  8. Otto Ziegler (murdered), Kansas

On May 24, 1961, York and Latham deserted for the last time. They set out for York’s Florida hometown. Somewhere along the way, they morphed into indiscriminate killers. -NY Daily News

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