False statements, details of volatile relationship included in Lowery affidavits

Family members described Mike Lowery, 34, as a controlling individual who has received counseling for anger management, was “kicked out” of the Army for drug use and insubordination and was fired from several jobs because of his abuse of his wife while on the job, according to affidavits. At the time of Amber Lowery’s disappearance, Mike Lowery worked two weeks on and two weeks off as an off-shore helicopter pilot. Read more:

Amber Lowery, Wife of US Army Veteran (2013)


Speaking for the first time since human remains were located on their sister’s property, Shanon and Ryan Christensen, siblings of missing Comanche County resident Amber Lowery, are discussing their sister’s life, remaining in an abusive marriage and brother-in-law Mike Lowery, who is jailed on a murder charge. ‘Amber was compassionate and caring.’ Read more: SPEAKING OUT: Amber Lowery’s brothers offer insight into her life

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Husband of missing Comanche County woman arrested on murder charge, held on $1 million bond
Michael Lowery Found Guilty of Murder, Sentenced to Life with No Chance for Parole
Michael Lowery sentenced to life in wife’s murder



The dog that changed one veteran’s life

Fleming: ‘She thinks I rescued her, but she rescued me’

Karl Fleming joined the military because he needed a change in his life. He had a successful career with a shipping company but said he wanted to do something more. He found that something in the U.S. Army. Fleming began his service in 2009 and never looked back.

A few years later, Fleming volunteered to go to Afghanistan. There, he worked as a bodyguard for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He enjoyed it, except for the almost-nightly rocket attacks. Karl was never hit directly by a rocket, but he didn’t need to be to feel its effects. The rockets caused severe shaking, shaking so bad that Fleming was left with many injuries, including concussions and a traumatic brain injury.  He was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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