Marines Jesse Carson and Jason Blad Sentenced to Life in Prison for the Attempted Premeditated Murder of a 20 Year Old Woman in California (2000)


Lance Cpl. Jesse Carson & Private Jason Blad, US Marine Corps

Marines Lance Cpl. Jason Blad, 21, and Jesse Carson, 20, pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of a 20 year old woman on the Pacific Grove Recreation Trail in California on November 11th, 2000. The two men stabbed the woman 12 times and slashed her throat twice before leaving her for dead on the trail. Both Marines were students at the Defense Language Institute at the time of the attack. Blad and Carson were arrested on March 15, 2001 after allegedly admitting that they were responsible for the attack. Pacific Grove police said shortly after the arrest, they found a journal near the barracks bunk of the young Marines and apparently they just wanted to kill someone, anyone, and had their sights on other targets as well. At the trial, the victim told jurors she pleaded for her life and tried to get away but the two pinned her to the ground and began stabbing her on each side. Jason Blad and Jesse Carson were convicted of attempted premeditated murder and sentenced to life in prison.

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