Stalking is Dangerous (2017)

Vegas Bray is convicted of murder and sentenced 50 years to life in prison. A friend of Vegas’s, Kevin Oseguera says “the monster inside of her” shot Victor, not his friend. -Snapped on Oxygen

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Cyberbullies Threaten To Expose PTSD Incident From My Past

Only moments ago, I received five text messages from an unknown number. Each one contained threats to include but not limited to posting a legal incident in my past all over the internet. We own having PTSD and getting triggered by the cops.

Both my husband and I have PTSD. We also own that we were struggling at the time of said incident. But the charges that were alleged were also dropped. That never made the paper.

I recently was successful at getting the newspaper clipping removed from on line because it contained my physical address. I told them that this article was causing me safety concerns because it did contain my physical address. This is the same article that Jeremiah Arbogast and friends shared on their Facebook pages.

I submitted the following response addressing the local police’s horrible handling of two veterans in crisis, one feeling suicidal.

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