Retired Navy Officer Robert Klosterman Shot his Wife Rebecca Because She ‘Ruined’ his Military Career, Then Shot Himself (2010)

Becky Klosterman

Rebecca Klosterman

Robert Klosterman

Robert Klosterman, US Navy

“Becky never called police because she feared it would make Robert angrier and jeopardize his career.” –The Virginia Pilot

Rebecca and Robert Klosterman were married in 1974 but by 2008 they were ready to call it quits after allegations of violence and an unfulfilled Navy career surfaced. The divorce was long, drawn out, and tense. Apparently finances and infidelity troubled the couple throughout their marriage. Rebecca learned about Bob’s secret life after he told her he had been frequenting strip clubs in Washington DC and had bought expensive gifts for dancers and waitresses. In 2008, Bob allegedly pointed a gun at Rebecca and then turned it on himself. Rebecca called the police, got a temporary restraining order, Bob moved out, and a few weeks later she filed for divorce. Bob on the other hand was angry that his wife had become “entrenched in the Tailhook scandal.” According to Bob, when the 1991 Tailhook scandal emerged, Rebecca took sides. She became friends with the wife of an officer who witnessed the drunken and misogynistic crowd at the Las Vegas convention. Rebecca also attended a 1993 hearing in Norfolk with this same woman who was compelled to testify. When the selection board considered Bob for admiral, he learned from a friend that the board discussed his wife. Robert never made the cut for Admiral despite his impressive resume. In 1997, Robert Klosterman retired from the Navy after 28 years and the couple settled in Norfolk, Virginia. Ultimately, Bob blamed Rebecca for his failure to make admiral and his bitterness swelled to violence. This would not only drive Rebecca toward divorce but it would end in a murder-suicide. On May 2, 2010, Bob shot his wife in the chest killing her. He then called police to report that he shot Rebecca Klosterman. The police arrived to find the couple dead, both killed by single shots to their chests. They found a 3 page letter near Bob’s body.

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Bob and Becky Klosterman are a model couple – fit, attractive and well spoken.Bob is a retired high ranking Navy commander and Becky a busy homemaker. Their life seems ideal, until one of them snaps. Suddenly, their prefect life explodes at the seams. -Discovery ID

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