What is Stalking?

Let’s talk about stalking. What is it? What does it look like? If a reasonable person is feeling targeted by an individual or group of people then that pretty much qualifies as stalking. Unlike most, I am not fearful of you persay but you targeting me and making my demise your life’s mission is in fact triggering my PTSD. You floating my address around to anyone is putting my family’s safety at risk.

Therefore, if you do not get the hint now, you definitely will soon. This is the end of this crazy train of madness. I would say move on but I never want another veteran in the MST community to be targeted in these devious and insidious ways. It is disgusting that anyone would want to be famous for being raped. Sacrificial lamb my ass.

You really look like the stalkers (internet trolls) that you are and now everyone gets to see what I have been dealing with. What is your problem? Next steps: legal, hence the reason all of this is getting documented on line. Enough is enough. I am angry at the people who have enabled this behavior. I am really angry at those who have looked the other way. Over and over, we heard that it was not their responsibility. Why is that? Don’t want to piss off the Queen Bee? Our veterans health is much more important then your image and strategy.

If you can’t play fair on the playground, then you need to go into timeout. And then check yourself in somewhere, take some meds, smoke some pot, do some yoga, anything but stalk me or other MST survivors. And please do not put these people behind a camera. You are making us all look like fools. We know your story. Start coming up with some solutions. You will become irrelevant. Get over it. You can’t ride this train much longer. But please don’t take us down with you.

I am going in a direction of healing. Your stalking is not helping my healing. In fact I have been documenting exactly how this has impacted PTSD. My husband and I have had it with you throwing our past in our face and compromising the privacy of our address.

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