Organized Gang Stalking in MST Community

You ever been the target of those that appear to be working as a team simply to hurt others. I have. After getting involved with the MST movement, one day somebody decided that my MST advocacy days were over. And they slowly methodically as a team operated to discredit me with those that mattered. This day and age with the internet, we should be especially cautious of what we say about others especially if not true. Some just don’t seem to care when the vitriol kicks into overdrive. Some would call that impulsive, moody, and a little narcissistic.

I do care. And I do not agree with this behavior in any fashion. If you had done this to one of my clients, I would be beyond angry. You are targeting me and I have no idea why. I am not going anywhere. We get it. You don’t like me. Move on. You do not impact my happiness in the least bit but you are triggering my PTSD significantly because the behavior is so typical of those in the military.

The behavior that I have had to endure the past few months is beyond ignoring at this point. It puts me in the place I felt while serving. I was always singled out despite working hard for one reason or another. I used to wish that I was invisible in the military. It has taken a lot of healing to get to where I am at today. I had all I could do to get over the shame and tackle these subjects head on. How dare you call us media whores after our voices were silenced in such a brutal way. I will be damned if I let another military dude target me, bully me, and push me to feeling suicidal. I could not leave those situations because I had no control over that. But we do have some control now.

I think putting up with this insider attack crap stuff has gone on long enough. If you are making me feel this way, how many others are feeling the same? You don’t have to answer that. I know. I have been cleaning up your messes in your path of destruction. I don’t know how else to stop you other then warn others of your potential to harm. I am witnessing outright abusive behavior from these people and my PTSD cannot handle this. I either face it head on or I walk away from everything.

My health is so much more important to me then any of this. Why can’t I advocate for veterans without being targeted for a take down. That is exactly what serving in military was like. This is America. You do your thing. I do mine. Don’t tread on me.

In the meantime, you keep coming at me, I let everyone on world wide web know what you are like. While you are targeting me and other successful people, we will be fighting rapists, bullies, and abusers like you. I refuse to protect this dirty little secret any longer.

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