Workplace Bullies: The Wannabe


The Wannabe can be one of the most petty and spiteful. They crave recognition for being a valued and highly competent worker. But they don’t have the smarts or motivation to put in the real work that it takes to get there. Instead they hate people like you who are competent and professional.

They are controling, manipulative and very insecure. They cling to questionable qualifications while demanding full respect from real professionals in their field. They will attempt to move into positions where they will have some power over others even if only as a committee member, union representative or limited supervisory position.

Because they are so poor at their jobs they are particularly sensitive and will react with aggression if called on their incompetence. Instead of improving their work skills they spend time watching every move of competent workers to find something to complain about or object to. They will demand that things be done their way even though there are better and more efficient ways of accomplishing the same task. (But if they were competent in their fields they would know that.)

Because they are barely functional as it is they will obstruct any changes or improvement to the workflow. When held accountable they will freak out and play the victim.

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