Fort Bragg Army Spc. Morganne McBeth Killed by Fellow Soldier in Iraq; Spc. Nicholas Bailey Sentenced to Nine Months in Prison (July 2, 2010)

Morganne McBeth.png

Spc. Morganne McBeth, U.S. Army

Army Spc. Morganne McBeth, 19, died July 2, 2010 of wounds sustained on July 1. This was considered a non combat death in Iraq and her death was ruled a homicide. Morganne was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom on behalf of the 1st Special Troops Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. McBeth was stabbed by a fellow Army soldier Specialist Nicholas Bailey. According to court testimony, Bailey stabbed Morganne McBeth while ‘horsing around’ in a tent in Iraq. Nicholas Bailey was sentenced to nine months in prison, demoted to private, and given a bad conduct discharge.

“Involuntary manslaughter can be committed in one of two ways,” an 82nd Airborne official said in an e-mail. “…through culpable negligence or by causing a death while committing or attempting to commit an offense directly affecting the person, other than burglary, sodomy, rape, robbery, or aggravated arson. Note that these are the five offenses covered in the felony murder rule. As the manual for court martials points out, culpable negligence is a degree of carelessness greater than simple negligence. It is a negligent act or omission which is accompanied by a culpable disregard for the foreseeable consequences to others of that act or omission.” -Army Times

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