Timeline of MST Gang Stalking: Just the Facts, Ma’am (Updated)

Disclaimer: Although I knew Jeremiah Arbogast, Kori Cioca, & Colleen Bushnell from the MST community/’movement’ (via the INTERNET), I do not KNOW them. I met Jeremiah & Colleen briefly in person but by no means had a relationship of any kind with any of these people. Also, although I didn’t say a word while all this was going down, it impacted my PTSD significantly to the point that I took some time off to focus on maintaining my strength for this fight. I went to the VA and spoke to them about how do deal with being targeted by internet trolls. All impacts the internet bullying/stalking had on my PTSD were documented at the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Timeline of Events:

In May 2013, I received a call from Michael Matthews. I had recently introduced the MJIA in it’s original format in DC. Matthews called me to inform me that MJIA was not the answer & that everyone thought I was a media whore. After PTSD was triggered, I spoke to Wendi Goodman who wrote this piece for us. How Dare You Call Us MST Media Whores by Wendi Goodman  After Wendi Goodman posted that blog, she informed me that Kori Cioca contacted her & gave her a hard time about it. Why is that? Because she is friends with Michael Matthews.

After going to New Mexico to support the male MST film, Jeremiah Arbogast sends tweet in June 2013 calling me a bitch and snob. He was promptly blocked on both Twitter and Facebook. I was told to ignore.

Jeremiah Arbogast posts irrelevant article about me from past which included my physical address. Found out that he posted it on Facebook (with hateful message) from another advocate. He posted an article of an encounter that my husband and I had with some local police after I called them to get help for my combat veteran husband. He basically threw a night of PTSD crisis from the past back in my family’s face. Why? I was told to ignore. Read article here.

Jennifer McClendon, friends of Michael Matthews and his wife informed me that she would “finish me” via text message.

Never spoke to Tiffany Arbogast in my life and then I get a crazy random Facebook message from Jeremiah’s wife accusing me of bullying Jeremiah. She was then blocked on Facebook. Asked other advocates what to do. I was told to ignore.

In July 2013, I found out about Colleen Bushnell’s fake “Ceast and Desist” order on Facebook from a client. Also learned that Kori Cioca was not only supportive of said activity but encouraging it. Both of these people were blocked on Facebook and Twitter. I was told to ignore.

Received copy of fake cease and desist order via e-mail from Colleen Bushnell, as did the Executive Director of the organization that I volunteer for. I was told to ignore. 

In November 2013, I found out about the Facebook Advocate’s conversation about other MST Advocates from someone who was included in the conversation and absolutely disgusted with the things that were said by those same people promoted in the media because of their affiliation with the Invisible War documentary. For the entire conversation that Jeremiah Arbogast, Lamanda Walker, Kori Cioca, Diana Coontz, et al had about how to take out Kate Weber, Jennifer Norris and others, please click here.


I never spoke one ill word to either Jeremiah Arbogast or Colleen Bushnell ever in my life (aside from calling Jeremiah a bully after he first attacked me on twitter). I don’t know Kori Cioca from a hole in the wall. Yet everyone appears to know everything me, makes shit up, and I am bullying them even though they are all blocked. This is the first time that I am publicly speaking about this craziness. From here on out, I will post anything that is directed at me on this blog to document the behavior, but mostly to protect others from their harm.

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