A Complete List of the 35 Basic Military Training Instructors Court Martialed in the Lackland Air Force Base Sex Scandal

USAF SealThe Lackland Air Force Base sex scandal erupted in the 2011/2012 time frame. Sig Christenson, a reporter from San Antonio Express, slowly began to reveal the sex scandal issues at the basic military training facility in Texas and reported on most of the courts martials initiated by the Air Force. As a result of the escalating media coverage and other forces at play, it gave military sexual assault advocacy organizations a reason to request hearings in front of the House Armed Services Committee. Congressional hearings were held on January 23, 2013.  Both General Edward Rice and General Mark Welsh testified at this hearing along with two retired Air Force women and Dr. David Lisak. In the end, 35 Basic Military Training personnel were courts martialed for allegedly abusing trainees or sex related offenses. Now that the dust has settled and some time has passed, whistleblowers have disclosed that the Air Force investigations trampled on due process rights. And individuals were railroaded with collateral charges which forced them to take plea deals to avoid excessive punishments. Two were found guilty of rape and sentenced to twenty years. The Air Force is being accused of going on a “witch hunt” after being politically motivated to clean up the basic training facility while under the watchful eye of the media, advocates, and Congress. This post was inspired by Never Leave an Airman Behind: How the Air Force Faltered & Failed in the Wake of the Lackland Sex Scandal by Lt Col Craig Perry, USAF Retired.

SSgt Emily Allen 
Female Lackland trainer pleads guilty to having sex with a male recruit
Female Air Force trainer involved in sex scandal sentenced to three months in jail

TSgt Bobby Bass 
Ex-Trainer Guilty of 31 Counts in Lackland Case
Ex-Lackland instructor not guilty in rape
Ex-Lackland instructor gets 6 months for abuse

TSgt Andrea Bell
Lackland Training Instructor Faces Trial on Sex Charge
Latest MTI case dismissed in rare ruling

TSgt Kyle Billiot
Trainer gets a break in Air Force plea deal
Man found guilty of having unprofessional relationships with students

MSgt Jamey Crawford
Trainer gets 7 months in Lackland scandal
US v. MSgt JAMEY L. CRAWFORD USAF, ACM 38408, 9 April 2015

TSgt Jonathan Croskey
Lackland Begins Article 32 Hearing Against Another Military Training Instructor
12th court martial completed at Joint Base San Antonio Lackland

TSgt John Copenhaver (no information found at this time)

SSgt Donald Davis
AF case against trainer is expanded
Air Force instructor acquitted in sex scandal trial
Acquitted Air Force Instructor Gets Bad Conduct Discharge
US v. SSgt DONALD A. DAVIS USAF, ACM 38359, 18 July 2014

SSgt Ryan Deraas
Airman: Trainer sent sex messages while on duty
Former Lackland trainer sentenced to 3 months in jail
Deraas Pleads Guilty, Gets Bad Conduct Discharge

TSgt Annamarie Ellis
Female AF trainer pleads guilty in recruit abuse trial
Ex-trainer guilty on all counts in recruit abuse case
Former Air Force instructor gets 8 months in prison

SSgt Kwinton Estacio
Air Force instructor in Texas acquitted on sex charge
Former Lackland trainer receives 1-year sentence
US v. SSgt KWINTON K. ESTACIO, US Air Force, ACM 38256, 11 June 2014
Basic Military Training Instructor, SSgt Kwinton Estacio, Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison for an Unprofessional Relationship & Obstruction of Justice

TSgt Marc Gayden
Trainer accused of Christmas Eve sexual assault
Lawyer highlights inconsistencies in military rape allegation
Military jury finds Air Force trainer not guilty
AF sergeant found not guilty in rape case

SSgt John Gerbick
Air Force instructor convicted for relationship with trainees

TSgt Brian Hickingbottom
Training instructor pleads guilty in court martial
Former Lackland MTI Gets Prison
24th Court-Martial Sends Another Training Instructor To Jail

SSgt Robert Hudson
Lackland instructor poured bleach on floor, sickened recruits
Sex, bleach dump lead to jail
Former USAF instructor gets jail in training scandal
US v. SSgt ROBERT A. HUDSON USAF, ACM S32167, 9 September 2014

TSgt Donald Hypolite (no information found at this time)

SSgt Christopher Jackson
Sex case witnesses depict Lackland trainer as a true friend
Texas base instructor pleads guilty in sex scandal
AF instructor is sentenced to 100 days in jail

TSgt Brandon Johnson
Two women testify against Air Force recruiter
Former JBSA military instructor found guilty

SSgt Chadwick Kidd (no information found at this time)

SSgt Craig LeBlanc
Lackland trainer jailed after release
LeBlanc guilty of all but one charge
Lackland trainer gets prison for sexual misconduct
US v. SSgt CRAIG A. LEBLANC, US Air Force, ACM 38396, M.J., 26 March 2015
Lackland Basic Military Training Instructor, SSgt Craig LeBlanc, Sentenced to 2 1/2 Years in Prison for Unprofessional Relationships, Adultery

SrA Andrew Lira
AF trainer pleads guilty in sex case
JBSA-Lackland instructor guilty of unprofessional relationships, adultery
Ex-Lackland trainer gets 6 months in sex scandal
Hard Time for Another Lackland MTI in Sex Scandal

SSgt Jason Manko
Military instructor pleads guilty in sex scandal at Lackland
Lackland trainer gets 45 days in jail in sex case
Jason Manko, US Air Force Trainer, Gets 45 Days In Jail In Sex Scandal

TSgt Julio Morales
Former Air Force military training instructor found guilty
Ex-Lackland trainer gets 90 days for adultery
Another Lackland MTI Convicted in Sex Scandal

SrA Christopher Oliver
Lackland instructor pleads guilty to 6 charges in sex case
Trainer to spend 2 years behind bars
Lackland Basic Military Training Instructor, SrA Christopher Oliver, Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Unprofessional Relationships & Adultery

SSgt William Romero
Lackland trainer, an Iraq vet, gets 60-day sentence
Air Force training instructor sentenced

TSgt Tamisha Rutledge (no information found at this time)

MSgt Michael Silva:  Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals Overturns Rape Conviction & 20 Year Prison Sentence for Lackland Basic Military Training Instructor MSgt Michael Silva (2017)

TSgt Christopher Smith
Lackland instructor pleads not guilty in latest court martial
Second Air Force trainer guilty in sex scandal
Air Force Trainer Guilty Of Wooing Female Trainee
Jury finds Texas instructor guilty of 2 charges in Lackland Air Force Base sex scandal
AF trainer given 30 days behind bars, loss of rank

SSgt Eddy Soto
Lackland trainer handed 4 years in rape
Military overturns Lackland Air Force Base rape conviction
US v. SSgt EDDY C. SOTO, US Air Force, ACM 38422, 16 September 2014
United States Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals Overturns the Sentence of Lackland Basic Military Training Instructor SSgt Eddy Soto (2014)

MSgt Joseph Thornberry
Ex-Air Force training instructor found guilty
Lackland MTI convicted in Sex Scandal

SSgt Peter Vega-Maldonado
Two more Lackland AFB instructors implicated in sex scandal

SSgt Luis Walker
Air Force instructor sentenced to 20 years in prison after raping female recruit and sexually assaulting several other women
Ex-Lackland instructor dead in apparent suicide
US v. SSgt LUIS A. WALKER, USAF, ACM 38237, 15 May 2014
Lackland Basic Military Training Instructor, SSgt Luis Walker, Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Rape & Sexual Assault, Commits Suicide at Leavenworth

SSgt Eric Ware (no information found at this time)

SSgt Samuel Wicks
Stolen phone is at issue in the trial of AF trainer
Convicted trainer facilitated illicit relationship
Judge tosses case against Lackland trainer

SSgt Michael Wladischkin (no information found at this time)

Lackland Sentencing Graph

5 thoughts on “A Complete List of the 35 Basic Military Training Instructors Court Martialed in the Lackland Air Force Base Sex Scandal

  1. Jennifer Norris are you the nice reporter that covered the staff SSgt Shelby Orelup trial at Sheppard USAF 2004 really nice person.

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  3. SSgt Annamarie Ellis was my TI. Many of the things she was punished for, I witness. Some of those things, I was the subject.
    SSgt Peter Vega-Maldonado. I recognize that name. He covered out flight at one time.
    I left the Air Force 2 years ago. Washed my hands of it. They took many things from me I’ll never get back.

  4. I’d love to know why Sgt. Donald Hypolite was charged. He was an MTI in training under Ellis and took as much abuse as we did. He never once acted unprofessional around us.

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