Marine Veteran Jonathan Blackwell Killed by Girlfriend’s Jealous Ex in North Carolina; Stacey Webster Sentenced to 16 1/2 Years in Prison for 2nd Degree Murder (October 7, 2004)


Jonathan Blackwell, US Marine Corps Veteran

Marine veteran Jonathan Blackwell of Reidsville, North Carolina went missing on October 7, 2004. Eight days later Jonathan’s car was found burned out in the countryside of North Carolina but no signs of Jonathan’s remains were discovered in the fiery wreckage. Jonathan Blackwell was a US Marine Corps veteran who served proudly in the first Gulf War and since his honorable discharge worked at a Goodyear Plant just across the North Carolina state line in Virginia. Early in the investigation police learned that Jonathan’s new girlfriend Viola was also dating her ex Stacey Webster. According to Viola, neither man was aware of the other and Viola pointed to Jonathan’s ex-girlfriend Patsy who also had a 10 month old child with Blackwell. Police ruled both women out and other leads were also dead ends so the missing persons case went cold for two years.

In December 2006, Walter Daldron was arrested and told police that he had information about the Jonathan Blackwell missing persons case. He told investigators that Jonathan’s body was located off Highway 29 and buried in a shallow grave under some old tires. Police located the body and an autopsy confirmed that the body was that of Jonathan Blackwell. Jonathan had evidence of blunt force trauma to the back of the head and his skull was cracked. Daldron also knew who did it. Daldron admitted that his best friend Stacey Webster murdered Jonathan Blackwell. It turns out that Jonathan was a victim of a love triangle with his new girlfriend Viola and her ex Stacey Webster, but he didn’t know it. Stacey knew about Jonathan because he stalked Viola and Jonathan for months until finally his obsession, jealousy and rage reached a boiling point. If he couldn’t have Viola, no one could have her. Webster initially denied committing the murder but after faced with the eye witness testimony from his best friend and the discovery of Jonathan’s body, he went silent.

On December 15, 2006, Stacey Webster was arrested for the first degree murder of Jonathan Blackwell. Investigators learned that Webster confronted Jonathan at his home. When Jonathan turned his back to Webster to go into his home and call police, Webster hit Jonathan in the back of the head with a rock and knocked him out. Webster then hit Jonathan’s head multiple times with a rock until he was dead. He put Jonathan’s body in his vehicle, cleaned up the crime scene, and then contacted his cousin to help him hide the body. Webster took Jonathan’s body to the countryside of North Carolina off Highway 29 and covered Jonathan’s body with lyme before he buried him in a shallow grave in an attempt to hide evidence but inadvertently helped preserve Jonathan’s body instead. On September 24, 2010, Stacey Webster was arraigned for Jonathan Blackwell’s murder. Webster accepted a plea deal and plead guilty to second degree murder. Stacey Webster was sentenced to 16 1/2 years in prison. Stacey was an unusual suspect because he was a successful business man with no criminal history. Webster showed no remorse for his crimes.

In 2004, a former marine goes missing from his North Carolina home. Investigators sift through a mountain of tips and small-town rumors before a surprise witness comes forward who may hold the key to the mysterious disappearance. -When Evil Strikes, Unusual Suspects (S5,E11)

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