How Does One Counter the Impact of Cyberbullying Across State Lines?

Since June 2013, I have been told to ignore the aggressive cyberbullying behavior of Jeremiah Arbogast et al only to have it escalate, harm others, & then watch him be rewarded by organizations and Senators for his deceitful, underhanded ways. While he is getting promoted in media, he is beating down other advocates who never said a word to him. Because he is promoted in media, it means that other veterans may contact him only to be harmed by his sociopathic tendencies and lack of empathy for others. Where does one draw the line?
When the cyberbullies live across state lines and there are a group of them, it is difficult to build a case on any single individual. Therefore, in order to document the abuse, we must endure the abuse from the group collectively. This is not easy to do if you have PTSD especially from Military Sexual Trauma. I was hoping that by ignoring this it would all go away. Until now, I have not had time to deal with this lunacy. But it is worth my time to focus, call it out, and put an end to it for the safety of myself and others.

It is rare that the feds will make cyberbullying a priority in their cases until someone is threatened, harmed, or killed. We are not going to wait until the cyberbullies follow through with threats to harm. It’s bad enough that one of them told me he killed the three men who raped him and someone we believe is Jeremiah sent a text message saying that he wasn’t afraid of my ‘lazy’ service dog. We are going to nip this in the bud before it goes any further. The impact this has on PTSD alone is criminal.

Since there are no clear laws on how to stop cyberbullies across state lines, the documentation will be conducted on-line so as to warn others of their potential to harm. I would recommend remaining quiet so that you do not become the next target. It has literally pushed veterans into bed for weeks at a time; it has a significant impact on depression & feeling hopeless. Both depression and hopelessness lead one to feel suicidal. The guy who uses suicide as his media platform is actually pushing other veterans to feeling suicidal.

The behavior is so abusive and so detrimental to one’s psyche that it can be a trigger for suicide if you become the target or object of their efforts to hurt you, embarrass you, belittle you, etc. They purposefully find ways to trigger your PTSD and hit below the belt because they don’t have empathy for others. Please lay low and take care of yourself while we take them on, endure the abuse, and collect evidence. We should all be able to advocate for our beliefs without becoming a victim of cyberbullying.

You don’t have to say or do anything wrong to become a target. Apparently, if you work hard and really care about the troops that makes you a target. If you have become a target in any way, please let us know and we will post what they have done to you but keep your name confidential.  We will also provide you with support so you don’t feel alone like we did. We know that if you are found out that the retaliation will only get worse and we want to prevent any veteran with PTSD from becoming their next target.

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