U.S. Institute of Peace: ‘Masculinity’ to Blame for Violence, Terrorism

U.S. Institute of Peace: ‘Masculinity’ to Blame for Violence, Terrorism

Speakers at a symposium hosted by a taxpayer-funded institute this week said some aspects of masculinity contribute to mass violence and criticized the United States for spending more on counterterrorism operations than sexual assault prevention efforts.

The “Men, Peace, and Security Symposium: Agents of Change,” held at the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) on Monday and Tuesday, “aim[ed] to better understand how the ascribed norms of men and masculine identities contribute to, and may even help mitigate, violent conflict and post-conflict,” according to USIP’s website.

USIP was “established by Congress in 1984 as an independent, federally-funded national security institution,” according to its website.

While most of the event featured panels on the behaviors and actions of men in violence-ridden states such as Lebanon, Sri Lanka, and Sudan, participants also discussed the state of sexual violence in America and the U.S. military.

Read more: http://freebeacon.com/symposium-discusses-how-masculinity-contributes-to-mass-violence-sexual-assault/

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