Army Soldier Sgt Marcus Rogers Investigated for Involvement in Drowning Death of Spc. Dhaifal Ali; Demoted One Rank for Failing to Follow Military Orders, Creek Off-Limits (2016)


Sgt. Marcus Rogers, US Army

On July 8, 2016, Fort Campbell, Kentucky Army soldier Spc. Dhaifal Ali was swept away by a current in a creek on the post. Spc. Ali was there with two other Army soldiers, one of them was Sgt. Marcus Rogers, who was baptizing him. The Emergency Management Agency reported that the creek had been swollen from heavy rains and severe storms; Dhaifal Ali’s body was recovered several days later. On September 6, 2016, Fort Campbell reported that they were investigating the circumstances surrounding Ali’s ‘accidental death.’ MJFA received notification this month that Sgt. Marcus Rogers had a hearing and an Instagram update on December 15, 2016 verified that Sgt. Rogers reports that he was demoted one rank from SSG to SGT as a result of his involvement in the accidental drowning of Spc. Ali. Sources reveal on YouTube that Sgt. Roger’s failed to follow military orders when he took Spc. Ali to the creek which was off limits. No further information is available at this time.

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JUSTICE for Spec.Dhaifal Ali died due to another Soldiers ego..Marcus Rogers done a unauthorised Baptism at a creek which was off limits to all Military personal …..

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