Fort Drum Army Captain (Dr.) Roselle Hoffmaster Died of Injuries Sustained from a Non-Combat Related Incident in Kirkuk, Iraq (September 20, 2007)

Roselle Hoffmaster
Captain (Dr.) Roselle Hoffmaster, U.S. Army

Army Captain (Dr.) Roselle Hoffmaster, 32, died of injuries sustained from a non-combat related incident on September 20, 2007 in Kirkuk, Iraq. Captain Hoffmaster was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom on behalf of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division in Fort Drum, New York. At the time of the Department of Defense press release, the circumstances surrounding her death were under investigation. Media reports indicate the Army ruled Captain Hoffmaster’s death a suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound but her family questions the cause of death ruling.

“Hoffmaster’s parents, whose names were also redacted, said their daughter had a learning disability that made it difficult for her to do mechanical tasks, despite her high IQ. They and other family members said she gave no hint of being anxious or depressed and that they did not believe she would take her own life…A civilian doctor who had treated Hoffmaster for depression in the U.S. told investigators that she seemed happy in her marriage and her life and never indicated that she had contemplated suicide.” (January 21, 2009)

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