Air Force Airman Andy Schliepsiek & Wife Jamie Stabbed to Death at Robins Air Force Base, Andrew Witt Found Guilty of First Degree Murder (2004)

Honoring Jamie and Andy Schliepsiek, US Air Force (2004)

Jamie and Andy Schliepsiek

Andy Schliepsiek was serving in the US Air Force when he and his wife Jamie were murdered at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia. According to reports, Andrew Witt made a ‘pass’ at Andy Schliepsiek’s wife Jamie at a July 4th cookout. When Andy confronted Witt about the inappropriate sexual advance, he informed him that he would not only inform their Commander of the assault but also the fact that he was sleeping with an officer on base. This was motive enough for Andrew Witt to drive back on base and stab them to death in the early morning hours of July 5th. Another airman Jason King was also stabbed in the back as he was attempting to flee the scene. In 2005, Andrew Witt was sentenced to the death penalty. In August 2013, the death sentence was overturned. In 2016, the death sentence was reinstated. Most recent reports indicate Andrew Witt was granted a new sentencing hearing.

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