Method of a Serial Killer: Authorities Believe Israel Keyes Trained to Kill & Suppressed Desire to Murder While Serving in the Army (October 28, 2018)

Oxygen’s two hour special event on Israel Keyes airs Sunday, October 28th. -Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

Reporters, investigators and family friends reflect on the kidnapping of Samantha Koenig. -Israel Keyes, Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

Israel Keyes is arrested after a minor traffic infraction. -Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

Follow FBI special agents as they investigate the kidnapping and murder of Samantha Koenig. -Israel Keyes, Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

Investigators say that some conversations with Israel Keyes were very “normal.” -Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

Investigators discuss the power dynamics and the fight for Keyes to reveal information. -Israel Keyes, Method of a Serial Killer (S1, E1)

Israel Keyes admitted that he is “two different people.” -Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

The kill kits recovered by the FBI reveal the meticulous planning of Israel Keyes. -Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

Keyes said the randomness of his victims is what kept him “successful.” -Israel Keyes, Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

Keyes could have many more victims than those that have been accounted for. -Israel Keyes, Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

FBI Special Agents discuss Israel Keyes’ possible involvement in another murder case. -Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

FBI special agents and a forensic psychologist reflect on Israel Keyes’ personality. -Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

Israel Keyes fascination with serial killers reveals patterns in his MO. -Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

Israel Keyes revealed he created kill kits and buried them in various locations. -Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

FBI special agents and a forensic psychologist discuss Israel Keyes’ training and suppression of killing sprees. -Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

Mary Wood, reflects on the time her family employed Israel Keyes for a bathroom remodel. -Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

Former reporter, Casey Grove, describes his journey as a crime journalist. -Israel Keyes, Method of a Serial Killer, Oxygen (S1, E1)

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Marine Corps Veteran Laurel Chasmar Murdered Outside New Jersey Home by Ex-Boyfriend & Co-Worker Hassan Shahid in a Murder-Suicide (August 5, 2017)


Laurel Chasmar, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

Marine Corps veteran Laurel Chasmar, 28, was gunned down outside her Morris Plains, New Jersey apartment building in the early morning hours on August 5, 2017. Hassan Shahid, 32, of Jersey City, New Jersey is accused of her murder; he was found dead with a self inflicted gunshot wound in Morris township after fleeing the scene of the crime on foot when the police arrived. According to media reports, Laurel and Hassan were co-workers at one of the Novartis facilities where Laurel worked as a senior production support technician for the past couple of years. It appears Laurel dated Shadid for a brief period of time but she ended things and had recently complained several times to the police that Shadid was harassing her.

“A Morris Plains woman and former Marine Corps veteran who was slain over the weekend had complained to police about the former boyfriend who killed her. Kevin Coughlin of Morristown Green says Laurel Chasmar made several complaints to the police that her former boyfriend was harassing her.” –Gloucester City News (August 11, 2017)

The Morris Plains Mayor confirmed that Chasmar did at one point date co-worker Hassan Shahid at the pharmaceutical company, but Laurel had ended the relationship and made several recent harassment complaints against Hassan. The Mayor said Laurel stopped short of filing for a domestic violence restraining order, which the police advised her to do. Police believe Shadid ambushed Laurel when she arrived home. Shahid borrowed a car so Chasmar would not recognize him and while lying in wait, he sprayed more than a dozen shots from a .45 caliber handgun in the parking garage of her apartment building, hitting both parked vehicles and grazing Chasmar. Chasmar ran to the common entrance of her apartment building, but could not unlock the door in time and was fatally shot. Police heard the gunfire and when they arrived, Shahid ran accross the street and shot himself. This gun violence incident has been ruled a murder-suicide.

Online, Chasmar’s grieving friends expressed shock and dismay at the tragedy.

  1. “Laurel Chasmar you where the most amazing soul I came across… your kindness your smiles your warm heart always touch everyone. In the short time I’ve known you, you have been an amazing friend to me and everyone I know. You will always be in our hearts.”
  2. “Chasmar, you were a smart, funny, sweet woman. All of the Marines who served with you are gonna miss you. RIP and Semper Fi.”
  3. “Over the past few months she was in a bad relationship with a very controlling and jealous man. She left but not soon enough.” 
  4. Another solemnly played the Marines Hymn on his bagpipes in her honor.

Read more here.

In a touching tribute from her alma mater, a memorial service for Laurel Rae Chasmar was held at Lenfell Hall on the Florham Park campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) in Teaneck, New Jersey. reports Laurel served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2007 to 2011 as an administration chief and sergeant, and as a recruiter based at Camp Pendleton in California. After leaving the Marine Corps, Laurel earned an associate’s degree from the County College of Morris, where she was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society. reports Laurel earned a bachelor of arts degree in psychology at FDU and was scheduled to complete her master’s degree in business administration from the university in 2018. Laurel Chasmar was honored on the university’s FDU Veterans Facebook page on August 9, 2017..

FDU Veterans Facebook Page Laurel Chasmar

Find original FDU Veterans Facebook page post here.

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Laurel R. Chasmar, age 28 | Gun Memorial

Air Force SSgt Mario Manago Alleges Commander Bias with Non-Judicial Punishment; Referred to Court Martial Instead & Booted with Federal Crime (2017)

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 1.13.46 PM

SSgt. Mario Manago, US Air Force

Air Force Court-Martial Summaries (March 2017): At JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ, Senior Airman Mario A. Manago was found guilty by military judge alone of failure to go to place of duty. He was sentenced to a reprimand.

“I wanted to retire from the Air Force.” -SSgt. Mario Manago

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Airman Mario Manago fired and convicted of federal crime after being 6 minutes late to meeting
Air Force Fires Man, Slams Him With Felony For Being 6 Minutes Late
Air Force Court-Martial Summaries (March 2017)

A U.S. Air Force veteran airman says he was recently let go from his job because was six minutes late to a meeting with his commander. Mario Manago, 33, has been with the Air Force for 12 years and stationed at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst for seven of them. Last August, Manago asked to speak with his commander about mistreatment at the base. Manago said he was late to that meeting because things became busy at work. Months later, Manago was convicted at court-martial months later in March for failing to go to his “appointed place of duty.” A week prior, Manago was demoted from staff sergeant to airman. The U.S. Air Force said Manago was honorably discharged because of tenure rules. -Chasing News

On This Day, Army Pvt. Tysheena James Died in a Flash Flood Training Accident at Fort Hood in Texas (June 2, 2016)

Tysheena James

Pvt. Tysheena James, US Army

Army Pvt. Tysheena Lynette James, 21, whose home of record is listed as Jersey City, New Jersey, entered active-duty military service in November 2015 as a motor transport operator and was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas since April 2016. James’s awards and decorations include a National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal and Army Service Ribbon.

Learn more from III Corps and Fort Hood Facebook page here.

For more information: On This Day, Eight Army Soldiers & One West Point Cadet Died in a Flash Flood Training Accident at Fort Hood in Texas (June 2, 2016)

Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX):

Mr. Speaker, Texas has been hammered by historic torrential rain and flooding. As the Texas floodwaters rose, 12 soldiers from Fort Hood, Texas, were crossing Owl Creek in a 21⁄2-ton Light Medium Tactical Vehicle when it became stuck in the Owl Creek low water crossing.

Suddenly, the vehicle was swept over and sent downstream by fast-moving water. Nine American soldiers drowned in the massive flood waters. Today, we remember them, and here they are: Staff Sergeant Miguel Colon Vazquez, 38, from New York.

He had just spent four tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan; Specialist Christine Armstrong, 27, of California; PFC Brandon Banner, 22, of Florida; PFC Zachery Fuller, 23, of Florida; Private Isaac Deleon, 19, of Texas. He was the youngest of all of them.

He had only been in the Army for 17 months; Private Eddy Rae’Laurin Gates, 20, of North Carolina—a former homecoming queen; Private Tysheena James, 21, of New Jersey; West Point cadet Mitchell Winey, 21, of Indiana; Specialist Yingming Sun, 25, of California. These are the nine who drowned recently in the Texas floods.

The soldiers were members of the 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Cavalry Division. These American soldiers were volunteers who swore to protect the United States.

They were a cut above the rest and were ready to defend freedom at home and abroad. Their lives were ripped from this world and their families all too soon. We are grateful for them and their families for their service and their sacrifices.

These soldiers are the best of America. Our thoughts and prayers are with the soldiers and their families, who have been devastated by the floods of Texas this spring.

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Disabled Army Veteran Felicia Reeves Found Hanging in a New Jersey Motel Room; Homicide Task Force’s Probe of Cause of Death Upholds Suicide Finding (August 19, 2015)


Felicia Reeves, US Army

US Army veteran Felicia Reeves, 40, was found hanging August 19, 2015 in a bathroom in a room at the Royal Motel in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Initially the police ruled her death a suicide but the family questioned the investigator’s decision. One year later, Union County prosecutor’s reopened the probe into the investigation of Felicia to determine if in fact this was a homicide. According to her family, Felicia Reeves was a disabled veteran and had ties to organized criminal elements who might have wanted to silence her. The family also shared that she was sexually assaulted while stationed in Korea and her back was hurt during the attack which is what caused her permanent disability. She suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well. Felicia escaped a couple abusive relationships and in the past couple years became associated with people who appeared to be taking advantage of her and manipulating her. Felicia’s painkiller prescription from the Department of Veterans Affairs was a frequent target for her new found friends. Felicia was in the process of trying to get custody of her two sons and had recently become concerned that she may be in danger. In February 2017, a homicide task force looking into the death of Felicia Reeves told the family that their investigation upholds the suicide ruling and the case was closed. Reeves’ sister Suzan Bayorgeon said “nothing about the New Jersey decision surprises her. Nor does it change her belief that Reeves was murdered, with her death made to look like a suicide.”

“Reeves had been in several bad relationships before her death and didn’t trust other people. Reeves’ sister, Suzan Bayorgeon, told the news outlet that Reeves had repeatedly commented that if she were discovered dead, it would be a murder.”

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Disappeared: US Army Veteran Margaret Haddican-McEnroe Missing Since October 9, 2006; Husband Tim McEnroe Named as Person of Interest by the FBI


Margaret Haddican-McEnroe, US Army Veteran

Army veteran, Margaret Haddican-McEnroe, of Warren, New Jersey disappeared on October 9th, 2006. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced on June 6, 2011, that Margaret’s husband Tim McEnroe is a person of interest. Per the FBI: “anyone with information regarding this investigation contact the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Squad at 908-231-7100, the FBI at 973-792-3000, or the Warren Township Police Department at 908-753-1000. All calls are confidential.”

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Hometown Hero: Margaret McEnroe | Disappeared (Investigation Discovery)
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Margaret McEnroe disappears from her home, leaving behind her infant daughter alone in her crib. Local cops know Margaret as a hero firefighter, with a fiery temper but strong maternal instincts. How could this loving mother disappear without a trace? -Investigation Discovery

Army OTS Candidate Lisa Gaudenzi Disappeared from Virginia Home; 15 Years Later, Spouse Lawrence Pleaded Guilty to Murder, Sentenced to 25 Years (1995)

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.04.45 PM

Lisa Gaudenzi, US Army

Army Officer Training School (OTS) candidate Lisa Gaudenzi, 31, disappeared from her Caroline County residence in Ruther Glen, Virginia on January 26, 1995. Lisa was a married, mother of two children, and was supposed to report for duty in Fort Lee, Virginia but never showed up. Her husband Lawrence Gaudenzi said the last time he saw Lisa was when he dropped her off at the bus station. The military police looked into the absence but after no solid leads, deemed Lisa absent without leave (AWOL); she was eventually dishonorably discharged. After an extensive investigation, spanned over 15 years, Lawrence Gaudenzi was charged with Lisa’s murder on May 16, 2008, despite Lisa’s body never being found.

For no apparent reason, during the middle of his trial, Lawrence Gaudenzi pleaded guilty to second degree in May 2009 and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Prosecutor’s theorized that Lawrence overheard Lisa tell a friend that she was getting a divorce from Lawrence after OTS. Lisa was tiring of Lawrence’s violence and control issues; she was ready to move on. After about a year in prison, Lawrence Gaudenzi finally led investigators to where he hid Lisa’s body in Spotsylvania County 15 years prior. Virginia State Police found the last of Lisa’s remains on June 9, 2010 and delivered them to her family. Lisa’s AWOL and Army discharge status were upgraded and she was buried with full military honors.

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A mother of two vanishes the day before she reports for Officer Training School. Her husband claims she ran off with another lover, but her family suspects something much worse. It takes 14 years for the truth to emerge…from the least likely of sources. -The Perfect Suspect

Ex-Army Drill Sergeant Earl Richmond, Jr. was Sentenced to Death for Murder of Army Specialist at Fort Dix and a Mother & Two Children in North Carolina (1991)


Earl Richmond, Jr., Army veteran, was executed in 2005.

Sgt. Earl Richmond, Jr was stationed at Fort Dix from 1988 until he was discharged for misconduct in the fall of 1990 for taking money from trainees.

On April 15, 1989, a female Air Force officer stationed at Fort Dix and her male companion were held at gunpoint and robbed at a bus stop. The Air Force officer was sexually assaulted as well. Richard Stevens was a civilian who worked at the base. He was charged, convicted of the crimes, and sentenced to fourteen years by a federal court. Eventually it was determined that he was wrongfully convicted of these crimes. He served more then three and a half years in jail before he was exonerated. Stevens resembled Earl Richmond Jr. who was identified as a suspect in this case yet never officially charged. While Stevens was getting out of jail in 1992, Richmond was awaiting trial on state charges for the rape of a 17-year-old girl at a motel near Fort Dix in April 1989. The burglary and rape case involving the Air Force officer at Fort Dix is considered unsolved.

Shortly after the rape accusations surfaced, Earl Richmond, Jr. was charged with four murders. In 1991, Richmond raped and murdered both Army Spc Lisa Nadeau in Fort Dix, New Jersey and Helisa Hayes in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He murdered Helisa Haye’s two children who were witnesses to the crime as well. DNA evidence helped solve these four cases and tied him to the 1989 rape of the 17-year-old girl at the motel near Fort Dix.

  1. Spc. Lisa Nadeau, 24, raped & strangled on April 4, 1991 in base housing.
  2. Helisa Hayes, 27, raped and strangled in her home in November 1991.
  3. Phillip Hayes, 8, stabbed 60 times with a pair of scissors.
  4. Darien Hayes, 7, strangled with an electric cord.

Earl Richmond, Jr. was sentenced to death for the four murders and executed by lethal injection in North Carolina on May 6, 2005.

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Evidence from 2002 slaying of Ft. Dix worker is detailed Jurors heard what was taken from the home of the man accused of killing a neighbor he had called “a nice lady.”
Killer goes quietly, with apology
‘I understand why you hate me’
Execution vigils planned
Earl J. Richmond Jr. Executed May 6, 2005 02:19 a.m. by Lethal Injection in North Carolina
STATE of North Carolina v. Earl RICHMOND, Jr. (Feb 6, 1998)
Earl RICHMOND, Jr., Petitioner-Appellant, v. Marvin L. POLK, Warden, Central Prison, Raleigh, North Carolina, Respondent-Appellee (May 4, 2004)
Murderpedia: Earl Richmond, Jr.

Army Pvt. Rosa Martinez Found Murdered at Fort Dix; Pvt. Jose Aponte Pleaded Guilty at Court Martial, Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison (April 11, 1987)

US Army

Army Pvt. Rosa Martinez, 21, from Elsa, Texas was found dead on April 11, 1987 at Fort Dix in New Jersey. She was attending an eight week cooking course at the base. Her body was discovered badly burned in a refuse bin on base. An autopsy report showed that she had died of strangulation after having been beaten about the head. Pvt. Jose Aponte, 18, of New Jersey was attending a truck driving training course at the base. Aponte admitted in court to knowing Martinez only by sight. The night she was killed they had shared a taxi on a return trip to base. He testified that he left the taxi with her and that when she objected to his advances, he punched her in the face and struck her in the head with a piece of brick. He tried to cover up his crimes by strangling her, throwing her in a refuse bin, and setting it on fire. Pvt. Aponte pleaded guilty to killing her after she resisted his advances. He was court-martialed, sentenced to 40 years of hard labor, and dishonorably discharged from the military.

“It’s been a long time but this and the Joel Jones case still stick in my mind. Poor Rosa just was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Such a shame. Also, Sgt Jones case as well. Ft. Dix was really active for a few years in the mid 80’s for whatever reason. There was also a plane crash, normal deaths and a suicide that should have been investigated as a murder.” (submitted by Retired Army Military Policer)

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Sgt Sandra Jones, US Army, Fort Dix, New Jersey (1986)

US Army

Sgt Sandra Jones, US Army, Fort Dix, New Jersey was murdered by her son Joel Jones on October 6, 1986. She was stabbed multiple times. Joel was held for a psychiatric evaluation by the courts.

“Sgt. Sandra Jones, 37 years old, was murdered and her 19-year-old son, Joel E. Jones, was charged in the slaying.” -Bill Libby (April 14, 1987)

Sergeant At Fort Dix Found Dead; Son Held
Charred Body of Female Soldier is Found in Refuse Bin at Fort Dix