Fort Bragg Army Pfc. Darrell Robinson Found Dead on Post (August 31, 2014)


Pfc Darrell Robinson, U.S. Army

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1 thought on “Fort Bragg Army Pfc. Darrell Robinson Found Dead on Post (August 31, 2014)

  1. Darrell Robinson was a buddy of mine back in high school in San Angelo TX, any update on his death?heard about it years ago, most online listening are pretty vague other than death unknown at fort Bragg. It’s always bugged the crap out of me and I’m sure a bunch of other people. He was pretty well liked around here but maybe things changed after the military, was pretty bummed out when I heard the news he passed. we were the same age and it hits you like a Ton of bricks to know a friend like that died at fort Bragg rather then on deployment in a foreign land. Maybe it’s better not knowing if was dishonorable but man it bugs the hell out of me not knowing. Darrel was a good guy, friends with almost anyone, smart, sharp whitted, all round a good time to be around without the need of alcohol to be in the same room with the guy. If any info comes up or if there’s a way to request info on his death ID much appreciate it.

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