Operation Trigger PTSD: Successful

Today I stopped to think about how I was triggered by Jeremiah Arbogast all these months. How could a military sexual assault survivor not be triggered by this pit bull? He literally aggressed himself into my life. He stalked me professionally because I blocked him and his cronies from my personal life.

I read Jeremiah’s story today. I could see the pitbull even in the way he went after his perpetrator. He showed everyone who was boss then and hasn’t stopped yet. He literally engaged his enemy and then sought out his targets one by one with the help of the less fortunate who don’t understand that he uses people.

I am finally confronting this guy because he has purposefully pushed my triggers which has led me to feeling suicidal on numerous occasions. He shamed my husband and I for a PTSD suicide intervention that went terribly wrong after law enforcement got involved. We have both worked very hard to overcome that dark day. We hit our rock bottom and at that moment we turned our lives around.

We were doing pretty good too. Until I thought I could effortlessly get involved in the MST movement. I found out quick that the lines had been drawn then and things have only got worse. I never even chose a side and because Kori Cioca hates certain people, I of course got dragged into these middle school games.

I treated all of you people with the utmost professionalism even though you were not my favorite spokes people by any means. But now, because you are insecure and bored, you chose your target and have gone straight for the PTSD. Mission successful.

Thanks for repaying my devoted support for you and the film with a bitch slap across the face. How dare you go after a retired military member with PTSD because they were successful without being in an oscar nominated film. Hard work and good intentions goes a long way. It is in fact the American Dream. You are getting in the way of my happiness and prosperity by constantly targeting and triggering my PTSD.

Your behavior is despicable considering you are the bullies pushing people to isolation and suicide. Yet when confronted the first thing you will say is that you are suicidal to hold everyone hostage with your antics. Not falling for it and definitely not buying it. You have met your match.

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