Military Wife Conspired with Two Men to Murder Navy Commander Alphonso Doss for One Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy, Yolinda Doss Awaiting Trial (2014)


Cmdr. Alphonso Doss, US Navy

Navy Commander Alphonso Doss was found dead in his Astoria Hotel room in Orange Park, Florida on February 12, 2014. Both the local civilian authorities and Naval Criminal Investigation Services (NCIS) investigated the circumstances surrounding the homicide. Authorities learned that Alphonso’s estranged wife Yolinda was the mastermind behind the plot to murder her husband. The motive was the one million dollar life insurance policy. Yolinda was having an affair with Anthony Washington, 29, and she manipulate him by using domestic abuse claims as a way to motivate Washington to kill the man who was ‘harming’ her. Washington assaulted, strangled, and stole from Commander Doss claiming he didn’t like the way he treated Yolinda. Washington tried to claim self defense at trial but the jury found him guilty of first degree murder, burglary, and assault. In November 2016, Washington was sentenced to life in prison. Yolinda Doss, 44, and Ronnie Wilson II, 33, do not have trial dates set.

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U.S. Navy Commander Alphonso Doss, 44, was slain at a hotel in Orange Park about two weeks ago. -Action News Jax

1 thought on “Military Wife Conspired with Two Men to Murder Navy Commander Alphonso Doss for One Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy, Yolinda Doss Awaiting Trial (2014)

  1. This story sounds eerily similar to the story that has been circulating in my family for the past 19 years, about my youngest half-sister, who did the same thing to her husband, Clem Davenport in December 1998, in Spotsylvania, Virginia. Clem’s brother, Wade, lives in Virginia, and Clem had a daughter from a previous marriage. Clem was Karen’s second husband. Clem was in the military, I think it was Navy. Karen was having multiple affairs, one with Kenny Paul Frank of Spotsylvannia, Virginia, who she maintains contact with and continues to have an affair with when she flies out to the east coast, although she is now married to an attorney who she uses to accomplish and cover her crimes, Alan Geraci in San Marcos, California. From the time that she was a teenager, Karen has used boyfriends to do her bidding; it appears she conspired with at least two men to carry out her desire to get rid of Clem and profited from his death. Karen Rawlings Davenport added a suicide clause to Clem Davenport’s life insurance policy about three months before his death, then collected on it after his death. In addition, she collected on Clem’s social security for all three of her children; only her youngest son, Justin, was Clem’s biological son. During their marriage, another sister tried to counsel them; she reports that Clem was rational and calm, but that Karen was not, so she does not believe that Clem was being abusive to Karen. Through her lovers, Karen had connections with the police department in Virginia, and had Clem’s death ruled a suicide, and the file redacted. Blood was found on the outside of the vehicle that Clem’s body was found in, and the gun used had the numbers removed. Karen was overheard by my niece, in her bedroom with two men after the killing, rehearsing how to get their story straight. Karen has ostracized this niece from the family, painting her as ‘crazy’, and denying her contact with my elderly mother and anyone who Karen is connected with. My mother, who was living with Karen at the time, told me that she heard Karen’s boyfriends say they would kill Clem if he ‘hurt’ her again, then two weeks later Clem was dead. My mother told me that she knew Karen was about to be arrested because of what she had heard these men say, however, she never was arrested. Karen sold her house and moved to southern California to marry Clem’s best friend, Dallas Cartwright in May 2003, then divorced him five years later, while having another affair with Alan Geraci. While she was married to Dallas Cartwright, she took out a life insurance policy on him and hid the fact from Dallas. A family member told me that Karen returned to Spotsylvania, Virginia a few years ago and visited the police department to inquire if Clem’s case was still closed, because a deputy had visited Kenny Frank to question him about the old case. I believe Karen’s actions are very suspicious and that she is guilty of conspiracy in the death of her husband, Clem Davenport. I also believe she is a black widow and will kill again to continue building her financial empire. Karen still resides in San Marcos, California with Alan Geraci, and has a tax business, Creative Management & Tax service in San Marcos, California, she also owns and manages several investment real estate properties.

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