September: U.S. Department of Defense Casualties Report (2012)


09/30/2012:  DoD Identifies Army Casualty: Riley Stephens, 39, Afghanistan, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

09/28/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualties: Orion Sparks, 29, and Jonathan Gollnitz, 28, Afghanistan, Schweinfurt, Germany

09/28/2012:  Airman Missing from WWII Identified

09/28/2012:  Marine Missing in Action from Korean War Identified

09/27/2012:  Army Releases August Suicide Data

09/26/2012:  DOD Identifies Navy Casualty: Dion Roberts, 25, NCD, Afghanistan, East Coast Naval Special Warfare Unit

09/21/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Jason Swindle, 24, Afghanistan, Fort Stewart, Georgia

09/19/2012:  DoD and VA to Fund $100 Million PTSD and TBI Study

09/19/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Joshua Nelson, 22, Afghanistan, Fort Gordon, Georgia

09/19/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualties: Sapuro Nena, 25, Genaro Bedoy, 20, and Jon Townsend, 19, Afghanistan, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington

09/17/2012:  New DOD Safe Helpline Mobile App Now Available

09/17/2012:  DOD Identifies Marine Casualties: Christopher Raible, 40, and Bradley Atwell, 27, Afghanistan, Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward)

09/15/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Kyle Osborn, 26, Afghanistan, Camp Ederle, Vicenza, Italy

09/09/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualties: Jose Montenegro Jr, 31, and Thalia Ramirez, 28, NCDs, Afghanistan, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

09/06/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Shane Cantu, 20, Afghanistan, Caserma Ederle, Vicenza, Italy

09/05/2012:  DOD Identifies Marine Casualty: Alec Terwiske, 21, Afghanistan, Camp Pendleton, California

09/04/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Jeremie Border, 28, Afghanistan, Torii Station, Japan

09/04/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Jonathan Schmidt, 28, Afghanistan, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

09/03/2012:  DOD Identifies Army Casualty: Kyle Rookey, 23, NCD, Afghanistan, Fort Carson, Colorado

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