SSG Sophie Champoux, US Army (2011)

Sgt Sophie Champoux, US Army (2011)

Two years ago today, we lost Sophie Champoux (25, Combat Medic, US Army). This website was created on this day in honor of Sophie and her mom, Suzie. It is her mom’s desire to spread the word and find answers so that no other parent or family member ever has to endure the kind of pain it causes when you lose someone you love.

Suzie, Sophie’s mom, told us that after coming home from a year long deployment to Afghanistan, Sophie was promoted to run the medic station at Fort Stewart, GA. She was really excited about her new career opportunity. Suzie also informed us that Sophie had admitted to being raped three times while serving her country but was hesitant like most to report. Her death was ruled a suicide by the US Army but like most parents, Suzie cannot understand why, when she had future plans and seemed happy. The case is currently under investigation by the family.

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