1 thought on “Air Force Veteran Joshua Hilberling Died After Falling Out of 25th Story Window During Argument with Spouse; Amber Hilberling Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Murder (June 7, 2011)

  1. This man was no military hero. It is a discredit to even call him a veteran. He was dishonorably discharged for manufacturing and distributing drugs after only 9 months of service. Amber and Josh had a very volatile relationship. He laid hands on her and she on him. It was not a one way street. He had put his hands on her the same day that he died. No, he didn’t deserve to die but it was not an intentional act. Her ‘suicide’ is questionable as well. She had just agreed to an interview with a news station so why then would she kill herself? RIP Josh and Amber.

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