Michaela Widmer Found Murdered in Minnesota Cemetery; Suspect Ricardo Taber Guilty of Stolen Valor, Died by Suicide (July 25, 2009)

Mickey Widmer and her boyfriend Darnell Mears move into a Minnesota trailer park looking for a fresh start, but after meeting Rick Taber, a reclusive neighbor, he grows too close for comfort. Good neighbors go bad; and bad neighbors spill blood. -Trailer Park Terror, A Stranger in My Home (S1,E2) 

Date: July 25, 2009
Victim: Michaela ‘Micky’ Widmer
Offender: Ricardo ‘Rick’ Taber (said he was Army veteran, served in Vietnam)
Location: St. Peter, Minnesota
Circumstances: Neighbors, Rick had inappropriate boundaries, Rick gave Micky’s daughter expensive gifts and it caused problems in her relationship with fiancé Darnell Mears, Micky and her daughter went missing, neighbors found Rick dead in his home, teenagers found what they believed was a little girl, Micky’s daughter Cindy was found alive, investigators located a knife and Micky’s belongings in a dumpster including an $18,000 check written to Micky from Rick, Micky’s body was located in the same cemetery Rick’s aunt was buried in, her hands were bound behind her back, her bra was removed and she was stabbed to death, it is believed Rick may have wanted sex and got angry when he was rejected, autopsy revealed Micky was not sexually assaulted, the residents tore down Rick’s home, aunt and uncle have custody of Cindy,
Disposition: Rick never served in the military (stolen valor) & died by poisoning, suicide

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