Army National Guardsman Charles Lewis Fatally Shot Before Deployment to Iraq; Step-Mother Teresa Lewis Conspired, Executed by State of Virginia (October 30, 2002)

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Charles ‘CJ’ Lewis, Maryland Army National Guard

In the News:

A Virginia woman, Teresa Lewis, is scheduled to be executed in on September 23, which would be the first US execution of a woman in five years and in the state of Virginia over a decade. A Virginia woman who used sex and money to persuade two men to kill her husband and her stepson, in order to collect a $250,000 life insurance policy. -RT America (July 30, 2010)

The US state of Virginia is set to execute by lethal injection a 41-year-old grandmother, the first woman to be put to death in Virginia in almost 100 years. -Al Jazeera English (September 23, 2010)

Despite Teresa Lewis’ admission of guilt, many are still coming to her defense. -ABC News (September 23, 2010)

Teresa Lewis set to die on death row – 5:30 p.m. -WAVY TV 10 (September 23, 2010)

Teresa Lewis execution – 6 p.m. -WAVY TV 10 (September 23, 2010)

Teresa Lewis, 41, became the first woman executed in Virginia in nearly a century. -CNN (September 23, 2010)

Teresa Lewis executed – 11 p.m. -WAVY TV 10 (September 24, 2010)

Woman executed in Virginia. -CNN (September 24, 2010)

Mentally Challenged Woman Executed? -The Young Turks (September 24, 2010)

Theresa Lewis before her tragic execution. -Ignored Voices (November 18, 2010)

Investigation Discovery:

Preview: Teresa Michelle Lewis used sex for currency to get what she wanted. -To Love and To Murder, Deadly Women (S5,E5)

Marriage is a lifelong commitment of love, and wedding vows. ‘To have and to hold; for better, for worse; until death do us part’. But for these monstrous wives, it was only the vow of ‘death do us part’ they upheld. -To Love and To Murder, Deadly Women (S5,E5)

While mourning the death of his wife, Julian falls hard for his much-younger coworker Teresa. For a time, her spunk lifts him out of to his sorrows until a sordid affair plunges him even deeper into the abyss. -Second Chance at Death, Fatal Vows (S5, E1)

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