Stalking is Dangerous (2017)

Vegas Bray is convicted of murder and sentenced 50 years to life in prison. A friend of Vegas’s, Kevin Oseguera says “the monster inside of her” shot Victor, not his friend. -Snapped on Oxygen

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Jeremiah Arbogast Justifies Abuse By Claiming He Knows The Person He is Abusing, so That’s OK

Jeremiah Arbogast Justifies Abuse By Claiming He Knows Me (maybe in his head)

Shortly after writing a blog entry about Jeremiah Arbogast’s aggressive behavior towards me, I found out that he wrote this about me on Facebook. I don’t know this guy. I testified at the Lackland Hearing in Washington DC. He asked me if I would take a picture with him after I got done presenting. I obliged. This hardly qualifies as knowing me nor does it justify any of the abuse. I believe that he does know me because he has stalked me for months, contacted professionals I work with, told them that I bullied him, discredited me, all so he could present a bill that he had nothing to do with and knows nothing about. It’s one thing to get there on hard work and honor, it’s another to give a perception and step on others to get there.  There is no honor in that and anyone that promotes this type of passive, aggressive behavior is part of the problem. Veterans and troops want people with honor representing them. Not people who lie, manipulate, make people feel bad for them, and take, take, take.

Senator Gillibrand Invited Jeremiah Arbogast to Present to Congress

Today, Jeremiah Arbogast is wheeling his way to DC to tell Congress his story. What’s interesting about this is that he circumvented the process and went directly to Gillibrand to get his voice heard after attempting to discredit other women veteran survivors. Obviously his story of being bullied by MST advocates was compelling. Here is the truth. Jeremiah Arbogast is the one bullying others. He bullies women veterans AND other male veterans.

He misleads the public into thinking he is one of the war wounded. His modus operandi is to make others feel bad for him in a rouse to gain sympathy. He is really good. But this is the definition of a con man regardless of what happened to him the past. Rapists are survivors too. That doesn’t excuse their inappropriate, illegal behavior.

Jeremiah Arbogast is the definition of Stolen Valor. He conveniently leaves out of all of his media presentations asking for free shit and attention that he is in a wheelchair after a failed gunshot to the stomach area. He in fact paralyzed himself after shooting himself. Why is he a priority over the war wounded?

While Jeremiah is leading others to believe he is one of the war injured, his injuries were sustained from a self inflicted gunshot would. Why is this important you ask? Because most males who commit suicide shoot themselves in head. He is in fact getting rewarded for surviving an attention seeking action that left him “paralyzed”.

The sad part is that while he leads the media and public to believe that he was the victim, he is in fact the aggressor. He claims he is being bullied but he is the bully. Did he do this in military too? He claims he is the victim yet he inflicted the injury on himself. If not for his behavior to me and others, he would be irrelevant to me. But he aggressed himself in my life and has not let up hence the reason I am finally publicly addressing it. How many others have been harmed by these gang of stalkers?

Honestly, I think everyone has been victimized and duped by these people to include agencies, media, Congress, Hollywood directors, and other survivors. I never let anyone get too close after what I experienced in the military. The first red flag occurred in June 2013 when he aggressed upon me on Twitter with his name calling. Since I have blocked him, he has only become more aggressive and retaliatory.

He has been triggering my PTSD significantly because he has swarmed everyone I come in contact with. After making work announcements on social media, he would then contact them, discredit me by claiming I am bullying him, then weasel his way into the scene. This has happened over and over since June 2013. I not only feel targeted but it affects my physiological responses to PTSD because the behavior is similar to the people I encountered in the military. It puts me right back there because I have no control over these cyberbullies.

For those who have ever reported sexual assault in the military, you know the beat down that comes with doing so. Jeremiah and his gang stalkers have triggered that beat down feeling that makes you feel hopeless. Because they are in other states, it makes prosecution of internet crimes more difficult.

There are a few of us that have documented this behavior at the VA to show how it has impacted our PTSD. Our best chance at justice with Jeremiah et all would be a civil suit. We have all the evidence and documentation. The unfortunate part is that while you are experiencing the abuse, you have to stay strong and document everything. You have to take care of yourself mentally, gain strength, and go at it again only to have Jeremiah contact anyone and everyone to convince them that we are hurting him. He has been professionally stalking me in an attempt to discredit me while trying to push his way to the top. He has stepped on those that helped get him there at our expense. I could care less about how this impacts me in public. I care about the constant purposeful attempts at triggering PTSD and pushing veterans to feeling suicidal and hopeless to stop the aggressive behavior.

How ironic that the guy who is representing veteran suicide is in fact the same guy that is throwing a past PTSD crisis moment in my face and pushing veterans to feeling suicidal with the bullying and abuse.

I wrote this after experiencing months of cyberbullying on Facebook. I pretty much walked away from Facebook to take a break from the abuse and protect myself. Facebook has turned into a trigger.  Facebook can be suicidal trigger for some with PTSD

Ironically, MST Community Members Blame the Victim

When all the abuse is one sided and a person finally takes a stand, please do not tell a survivor or victim that you like their abuser. How is that any different then how you felt when you wanted to report the crime to your Commander and they didn’t give a damn. Or maybe you didn’t report because you knew leadership wouldn’t give a damn.

When a victim finally comes forward after months of abuse, we need to embrace them and acknowledge their experiences. Real leaders take a stand and validate when a wrong has been committed. Instead, in this society, we are told that some how the victim must have asked for it. And we all look the other way. No more.

Did working hard for veterans and military justice mean I asked to be a target of small mindedness, pettiness, stalking, and abuse. Why is it that when one finally confronts the truth that anyone would go to someone and say, I know that you think that the abuser has done this or that but I like him. Who says that?

Can you imagine a victim coming to me and me saying, you need to just get along with him? You need to get along with him because this is the military and we have a mission. Now it is we need to get along with him for the movement. Really? Wait until you become a target of these predatorial creatures. When you come to me crying about how he royally screwed you over, I will be sure not to say, we need to all get along.

Asking me to get along with someone who has clearly targeted me and made me the object of their obsession is like asking me to hang out with a rapist on the prowl. Abuse, bullying, lying and manipulating are all traits of rapists and that my friends is unacceptable behavior. The people who abused me in the military called me names too. They also stalked and bullied me.

Why can’t a person have boundaries without being accused of not getting along with jerks. I am not interested in spending my time with people who appear to be entitled, greedy, and mean to others. PTSD is not an excuse to lie, to target others, to act like a fool, or to hold others hostage with threats of suicide.

If you are in the business of blaming victims, you have absolutely no business being an advocate or saying a single word to the person who bravely steps forward. We got this.


When will America come together to end the epidemic of mental illness?

Thursday, Miriam Carey of Stamford, Connecticut, was shot to death after she drove through a White House barrier and then engaged Capitol police in a high-speed chase.  Her 1-year-old child, who survived, was in the car with her.

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Aaron AlexisSupervisors of Navy Yard Gunman Were Told of Issues

The mother of Aaron Alexis, the military contractor who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard last month, told his bosses one month before the shootings that he had a history of paranoid episodes and most likely needed therapy. But Mr. Alexis’ managers at the Experts Inc., an information technology firm, decided to keep him on the job and did not require him to seek treatment, an internal company investigation has found.

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Stand Down events help vets, including women, in need

Women are the fastest-growing segment of the veteran population, according to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, but they face unique barriers in life after active duty, including difficulty gaining access to veterans’ services.

That’s partly because many women who have served in the military do not identify as veterans, according to Rebecca Murch, executive director of an annual veteran advocacy event called Seattle Stand Down.

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PTSD: There’s No Such Thing!?

I don’t know if I can call myself a PTSD expert, or not, but I did have more than 1000 PTSD patients whom I successfully treated. I also have PTSD from my 25-month visit to the US Army in World War Two.  PTSD is a mental disorder, because people with it are not normal.

PTSD victims had too much artillery, mortar attacks, airplane strafing and the usual hell of combat.

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Another Reason We NEED the Military Justice Improvement Act (US Navy)

The Navy Yard Shooting breaks my heart. As with all tragedies we must learn from them to determine what we can do as a society to prevent a similar tragedy in the future. In this case, how could we have utilized the military institution to determine whether this person needed help or was a danger to our society.  This is yet another reason we need the Military Justice Improvement Act.  We cannot continue the pattern of kicking soldiers out of the military due to mental illness or criminal activity only to become society’s problem.     
This case has the same theme as most of the cases I research involving either suicide or murder.  The soldier either asks for help and/or starts getting in trouble and instead of anyone helping him/her, they just toss them out on their head.  When we got tossed from the military, they never gave us any information about where we could get help, what PTSD was, nothing.  We went from straight up military life to blam, you are now a civilian and gotta figure this all out on your own (with no money). As a military member, it is not easy to transition back into civilian life.  All we needed was for someone to say, it’s not your fault, you have PTSD, and this is how you treat it. Regardless of the reason why you were tossed, you should be referred at least to the Veteran Affairs for help. There is currently no continuity between releasing the soldier from active duty and transitioning them into the Veteran Affairs for care.
The Military Justice Improvement Act would help us deal with situations like this.  Instead of the member getting tossed out by a Commander, who doesn’t have time to deal with the real issues, he could have been processed through a division of the military that was professional enough to understand that the person had PTSD or some other form of mental illness.  And instead of just sending them out the door, we could use this opportunity to give them the information they need in order to get well.  The trigger being as soon as the soldier starts showing signs of misbehavior then they get referred to the folks who would make the decision as to whether or not the soldier needs to be punished and/or helped. 
If the soldier was harmed on the job or started exhibiting symptoms of a mental illness while on the job, then it is the military’s responsibility to treat them. Please have some compassion for their cries for help so that future tragedies like these do not occur.  All the services are there for the veteran that you toss out with no aftercare plan.  Give them the tools to heal, acknowledge the harm that was caused, and stop treating us all like we are casualties. The military must be held accountable for the people they know are either sick or a danger to our society. Otherwise it ripples into every community across the world. 
Areas of Improvement:
  • recruiting policies and screening
  • transitioning active duty to VA for aftercare,
  • closing security clearance loopholes,
  • centralized database to track reported criminal activity while serving,
  • improving the communication between civilian and military authorities,
  • helping or locking up the person so we can prevent the crime.
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