Why Can’t We All Get Along?

So you are serving in the military and you are sexually harassed then raped. You go to your Commander and he says “why can’t we all get along.” That is what you are saying to those who have finally broke the silence. This is in fact a victim blaming statement.

Are you going to get along with your rapist? I am not going to get along with a group of people that spend their time planning my demise. I am not going to get along with someone who calls me names, posts “dirt” on me, bullies me, stalks me, etc.

I left Facebook so I could escape the constant barrage of insults that I found out about from other members of the MST community. Despite blocking the people who were doing this, I was still the object of their obsession. I never had an opinion about them until after being attacked.

How is one supposed to handle this situation? A group of people one day decide they don’t like you so they start harassing you and stirring the pot so others will hate you too. Sound familiar? Yea, this is what happens after you report rape to the military.

Please don’t ever say to any victim that comes forward with their account of months of abuse, bullying, and harassment “Why can’t we all get along?” Remember doing absolutely nothing to ask or deserve being the target of a rapist in the military. This situation with the gang stalkers is no different. And it is causing flashbacks because it is the same mob mentality one was faced with when experiencing retaliation.

When a Commander or leader blows off the experience you have had with someone who is targeting you, it contributes to the PTSD. It compounds the trauma more so because no one will validate what harm has already been caused. Whether you experienced intense sexual harassment, hazing, bullying, stalking, rape, it all causes PTSD. The response of the person who the victim reports to is paramount in that person’s healing process.

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