This is how they roll…

kelly1h (IP: ,

Since you removed half of the origional convo, you and your readers would know these ADVOCATES, one of which has been doing paralegal work for me, talked about preventing other survivors from being bullied. All the time it took for YOU to make this “bully blog” you could have been making yourself useful. Why is it ok for YOU to write whatever you please yet when someone else does they are wrong and magically bullies? Go ahead and delete comments all day Jenn. It just goes to show you’re afraid of people finding out the truth about you. And you are a narcissist. Beprepared to be served for voilation of privacy, cyber bullying. I will represent anyVets who have been bullied by this woman. Her tweets, fb pages will all be featured on our Anti Bully website. Remember Jenn, first amendment. We will be seeing each other very soon.

Oh and I thought you hated the word trigger? Nobody feels bad for YOU Jenn. You can dish it but can’t eat it.

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