SSG Katherine Singleton, US Army (2006)

Honoring Katherine Singleton @USArmy (2006)

USA SGT Katherine P Singleton, 25, formerly of Pensacola, FL died from non-hostile circumstances, undetermined per certificate of death, and no cause of death is listed on government documents. She was off duty at the time and it appears that she did not die in Iraq though she had been there prior to her death. Katherine had attended Escambia High School and enlisted under the Army’s Delayed Entry Program in 2001. She had received the Good Conduct Medal for service Nov 01-Nov 04 and an Army Commendation Medal for exemplary service during combat operations with the 101st ABN in Iraq Mar 03-May 03. However at the time of her death she was assigned to HHC Training Support Bn, Ft Bragg with an MOS of 15F10. Her father had notified the Pensacola News Journal and local TV stations that she had died but no further information has come out about her. DoD has not published a News Release regarding her death. She is survived by Doryce Blake and Maryon Singleton of Myrtle Grove, FL. She was buried at the Barrancas National Cemetery in Pensacola.

HER FRIEND’S LAST WORDS AND REQUEST: “I just want to let you know that there is no need to yell “cover up” in this case. The death of Kat P. Singleton was kept private for reasons that are no one’s business, but I assure you she is dead and that the government didn’t hide things from the public. She didn’t die overseas and what happened was very tragic but not for the public eye. She was a brave soldier who said on many occasions that she never regretted enrolling in the army and would go back to Iraq to fight for her country to secure our freedoms over and over again. She was a wonderful person and I am glad that our lives touched. I am sending this article that most of you seem to have over looked so that you may see that she is dead and she is buried. I feel that her father said little to the press because he didn’t want the world to know his family business and I believe also that it is time for you to close this thread and let Kat rest in peace. She will be forever loved and missed deeply and never forgotten.”

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