Tracking Military Sex Offenders Prevents Crime


If someone reports a crime to a police department, even if the person is not prosecuted, there is still a record of the complaint. This is not happening in the military because the Commander does not have access to law enforcement databases. So if the person was accused before in the military, the Commander has no way of knowing. And they are not entering data into the system if they are informed of a complaint. We are losing valuable data if the person is not prosecuted for the crime. The military currently prosecutes less then 10% of complaints.

If information was processed like in the civilian world, we quite possibly could prevent a rape or sexual assault. It could help establish a pattern even if one of the cases didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute. If the military had multiple complaints against one person then they would have a better chance at prosecution.

Please look into how the civilian authorities process sexual assault complaints and other crimes versus how the military does it. It is so much easier for a military member to get away with it because they transfer from base to base and the complaints don’t necessarily follow them if the commander doesn’t prosecute.

Military sex offenders do not discriminate. They will sexually assault both military members and civilians in the local community. It is imperative that the military and civilian authorities report to one database so we can put the pieces of the puzzle together. The more evidence we have, the more likely we will be able to prosecute effectively and get a conviction. We can prevent someone else from getting harmed.

This sex offender registry issue is a perfect example of how these people slip thru the cracks. Most are not prosecuted so now maybe you can understand why they are able to get away with it in the first place. This is why I am advocating to remove the reporting of crimes from the military Chain of Command. The complaint itself is a valuable piece of data that is overlooked and if entered in a database would help us tremendously in both the prosecution and prevention of crimes.

Pentagon Says Uncovering the Truth about Military Sexual Violence Is Too Burdensome. Huh?

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