It’s Against Our Policy

How many jobs have I worked at where “It’s Against our Policy” ended it all. The ironic thing: nothing is ever in writing, standards have not been set (or the boss can do whatever but control you), and once you agree to volunteer, you lose your freedom of speech. Never mind the abuse and bullying that you are trying to address on your own because everybody wants to look the other way and say ‘It’s none of my business’. Shall we wait until someone has committed suicide simply because they can’t take it anymore?

Every time I have blown the whistle on the inner dynamics of a job, an organization, and now a movement, I have been the one who was punished for speaking out. What organization can truly represent veterans yet tell their volunteers that they must endure bullying and stalking as part of the job. If you haven’t noticed yet, we are fighting bullying and stalking for a living. We fight for that for our clients. Yet, as advocates, we are not allowed to address those who are treading on us. That is an organization that I do not want to work for.

I have a lot to give any organization but enduring abuse, bullying, and control tactics is not one of them. I am free to choose my path to happiness.  And if that includes getting rid of one more person who uses PTSD as an excuse to abuse others, then see ya. I am going to be happy. I am going to succeed regardless of what you use to control me and punish me with. It’s called karma.

You are no different then military leadership. You claim to be a veteran’s advocate yet sell out someone who has been totally loyal to you. You suspend an e-mail account before even talking to the volunteer. How is that justice? Isn’t that what the military did to you? Don’t we want to provide ourselves and clients with the very rights that everyone deserves. Is this MRCC policy?

Any agency that proclaims to stand for justice needs to have those same standards for the people who volunteer for them. Where is the appreciation for what the volunteer has done? This is how you show thanks to those who volunteer for your agency? Who complained about me Pan? Was it one of the bullies I am holding accountable for their behavior? How convenient. Once again, someone cowering to the abuse. Never mind the impact this has on veterans or active duty troops.

I think I know why you wanted me to not talk about the bullying from these fools now. You are just as bad as they are. You are a bully too. You did the same thing to me with your bully crew too.  Not only was I dealing with you and your bullies but I was dealing with MST ‘Facebook Advocate’ bullies that hate you. Now, I am smack dab in the middle of your freaking mess.  Thanks for selling me out. Everything happens for a reason.

I can’t believe someone who has been so mean to others would even question what I am doing to hold the same people that bullied them accountable. All along I have been asked to just ignore and the behavior has only escalated. Now that I finally hold them accountable, I get punished. That is the epitome of betrayal. But, I have also seen how awful you have been to some survivors which may be the reason that so many hate you, hence now hate me.

I don’t know what the hell is going on with you people but you can count me out of your sick little games. I will be so much happier not having to deal with you making mountains out of mole hills when we have much bigger things to focus on. Nothing can stop me from advocating for veterans just like nothing can stop you. I have freedom of speech and freedom to do what I want as long as it doesn’t infringe on other’s rights.

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