USMC Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Campaign Plan

USMCUSMC Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Campaign Plan

“Sexual assault is an ugly mark on our proud reputation; it goes against  everything we claim to be as United States Marines … it is a crime … and we  will eradicate it from the Corps,” said General James F. Amos, Commandant of the  Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps recognizes that sexual assault is a  problem within our ranks and we are taking action now to change our culture to  prevent and eliminate this crime. This is not who we are as a Marine Corps. As  Marines, we pride ourselves on iron discipline and combat excellence. We know  sexual assault damages lives, erodes trust and unit cohesion, and dishonors all  Marines past and present. We are accountable as individual Marines and leaders  at every level. Americans join our Corps with the faith that we will treat them  with dignity and respect, and we will address any misconduct or criminal  behavior with swift and fair justice.

Marines must also have confidence  that, if assaulted, we will immediately provide compassionate victim support and  hold offenders accountable. When it comes to sexual assault prevention, all  Marines know we have fallen short.

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