High anxiety for veterans: Medical marijuana contradictions

CannabisHigh anxiety for veterans: Medical marijuana contradictions

Benson is comfortable with choosing marijuana over prescription drugs to treat his PTSD. The federal and Department of Veterans Affairs bureaucracy, not so much. And that’s led to a new battle for Benson and thousands like him.

Former Marine Erick Benson is off the front line, but readjusting to civilian life has been a new battle. “I was having a bad day,” Benson said, recalling a recent morning while trying to make coffee. He became so enraged when he was unable to get the carafe under the grounds, he threw the coffee maker. It was a classic example of his post traumatic stress disorder. The fits of anger aren’t rare when he’s not treating the malady.

Read more: http://www.aurorasentinel.com/news/high-anxiety-for-veterans-medical-marijuana-contradictions/

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