Army Soldier Sgt. Brandy Fonteneaux Found Murdered in Fort Carson Barracks; Sgt. Vincinte Jackson Sentenced to Life, No Parole (2012)

Brandy Fonteneaux

Sgt. Brandy Fonteneaux, US Army

Army soldier Sgt. Brandy Fonteneaux was found stabbed to death in her barracks room at Fort Carson in Colorado on January 9, 2012. An autopsy revealed that she was stabbed 74 times and choked to death. After an investigation, co-worker and Army Sgt. Vincinte Jackson was charged with her murder. Both Sgt. Jackson and Brandy were assigned to the 4th Engineer Battalion at Fort Carson but they were not close. According to Brandy’s family, she knew him but they were not friends and didn’t hang out. Brandy shared with family that Sgt. Jackson would often talk about his crumbling marriage.

Sgt. Jackson was accused of going to the barracks, looking for a door that was unlocked, entering, and killing Brandy Fonteneaux. The prosecution argued that Jackson made a conscience decision to leave his home, go to the barracks, enter Brandy’s room, and murder her. The defense argued that Jackson was not aware of his actions due to a combination of heavy alcohol use and anti-depressants. Sgt. Jackson was found guilty of murder on December 13, 2012 and a military jury sentenced him to life without parole. Jackson was acquitted of premeditated murder.

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